Grand Lake Wedding | The Bridal Collection Real Bride

How He Asked Needing a weekend away, Katy & Matt planned a trip to her family’s cabin in Grand Lake, Colorado. They drove up after work one Friday and spent a relaxing evening in the mountains. The next morning, they drove around to some of the local spots, including Grand Lake Lodge, the golf course, and Winding River Ranch.... more

Meet The Team: Robin | Denver Bridal Shop

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska   Advice for Brides: Listen to your own heart and the heart of your fiancé when trying to pull together all of your wedding details.  There will be many voices speaking into your day…let yours be the loudest.     You Have To Taste This: BONUTS at Biscuit Love in Nashville, TN. Fried Biscuit Dough, Lemon... more

Della Terra Mountain Chateau Wedding | The Bridal Collection Real Bride

About the Couple Is there anything sweeter than high school sweethearts? Casey and Cassaundra met when they were 16 and 17. She played basketball with his sister, who introduced them to one another. After a few months of crushing on Casey, Cassaundra worked up the courage to ask him to a Sadie Hawkins Dance.  He said “yes” and the... more

Terrain at Styers Wedding | The Bridal Collection Real Bride

About The Couple Jonas and Shannen met in college in an Intro to Economics class. They became instant friends because it was so easy to be around one another. Eventually, a romance slowly began budding throughout a series of much-needed economics tutoring sessions Jonas gave to Shannen. Once they began dating, the two were inseparable; they have done everything... more

Dogs & Dresses Denver Adoption Event | The Bridal Collection Events

On Saturday, September 30th, Colorado brides will have the chance to say yes to the dress and a dog at The Bridal Collection’s first-ever Dogs & Dresses event. The Bridal Collection is partnering with Douglas County Canine Rescue (DCCR) in an effort to find foster homes and forever homes for dozens of dogs. The event will take place from... more

Meet The Team: Erin | Denver Bridal Shop

Passion: TRAVEL! Anywhere, everywhere- travel is the best way to experience new things which is, for me, what life is all about! Personal Bridal Style: It helps that I just got married 😉 My personal bridal style was silk organza, trumpet, no lace or bling. Classic but still made me feel sexy! Favorite Vacation Spot: SPAIN (insert heart eyes emoji... more

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