Meet The Team: Jenny | Denver Bridal Shop

By TBC on March 13, 2018
meet the team denver bridal shop

Hometown:  Chadron, Nebraska–it’s a small rural town of about 6,000 people up in the northwest corner of the state.

Personal Bridal Style:  I think comfort and confidence are the most important things. For me personally lots of lace, little bit of sparkle, sheath silhouette with a deep v-neck and back.

Perfect Day Off: Sleeping in then heading to Doug’s Day Diner (which is the best, by the way). If the weather is nice, I would go for a short hike then catch up on some Grey’s or another TV drama. I would end the night by cooking (I mean ordering) dinner for my boyfriend and drinking some wine!

You Have to Taste This: Anything my mom cooks–spaghetti, cheesy hash browns, potato salad, enchiladas, etc. I swear, she has a secret ingredient for EVERYTHING.

Advice for Brides: Don’t stress yourself out TOO much! This is YOUR wedding. It needs to be the way YOU want it, not how other people would expect it.

Favorite Quote:  Right before I moved to Denver, I chickened out and almost didn’t move. One of my good friends encouraged by saying “Sure, you’re moving somewhere you don’t know anybody but who cares! You’ll find out what you like when nobody else is around and who you are. And in the meantime, you’ll find yourself.”