Where do I begin to even say thank you ! You guys made my wedding dress experience an unforgettable one and very memorable.

When I first met with Jordan I knew just by looking at her amazing sense of style she had me covered ! I had been to four different bridal salons and she had my dream dresses picked out in two hours! She was supportive through my change of mind when I was getting cold feet about the over skirt I originally picked and the day I picked up my dress the week of my wedding in tears from stress she hugged me and assured me it was normal.

Leah! Wow is she talented! She also knew what I was looking for when it came to alterations and picking a hair crown. She had a crown made just for me just by picking up the phone and making it happen! She was body positive and assured me everything looked amazing when I thought I didn’t look the way I wanted to. She came to every alterations that I had and she made sure I left with a smile. I became so found of her I actually invited her to the wedding!

Betsy , she was extremely talented and a pro at what she does ! She also pulled my spirits up when I felt I hadn’t lost enough weight for my dress. She made sure I looked amazing on my wedding day and took time to make sure my dress was exactly the way I wanted it.

Words can not express my gratitude to you lovely ladies you made my wedding dress dreams come true.


All fun and no stress

My experience at the Bridal Collection was absolutely perfect! I came in with a very strong idea of what type of dress I wanted.

My stylist totally listened to me and pulled a ton of things that fit the style I was going for. I had basically picked my dress on my first appointment, but just as I was deciding for sure, she came back with one that she said I just had to try on! So I did and that ended up being my dress!!

I would have completely been satisfied with my original choice, but now I cant imagine my wedding day without the dress I ended up deciding on because of her taking the time to really listen to what I wanted to look/feel like on that day!

She fully grasped what I was going for and was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the whole process! It was exactly like it should be – all fun and no stress!


It made our day even more special

I do want to say thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. I am so grateful to have worn the dress my mom picked for/with me and I would have never even purchased a dress that day without your staff and Jackie!

You have all been so helpful and wonderful through the entire process. Going through a wedding without a parent is very difficult, but the memory and the significance of my dress brings me so much happiness, especially on our wedding day. It made our day even more special knowing she was still a huge part of it.

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart!


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