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Styled Shoots


The Bridal Collection is honored to work alongside the best vendors in the industry by becoming a partner in stylized photo shoots.

Before we can loan out any merchandise, we ask for you to complete our stylized shoot application form to determine if it's a good fit. Due to the large volume of requests we receive, we cannot guarantee loaner dress and/or accessory available. Also, first time applicants will be charged a $195 fee.

By partnering with The Bridal Collection, you agree to allow The Bridal Collection to use the photos in any way we see fit, including altering the images for social media, advertising purposes, sharing images with designers, websites and various publications.

The Bridal Collection agrees to properly tag and credit all vendors from the stylized photo shoot, and requires any use of the photos to be properly tagged and credited. The Bridal Collection has the right to ask for the removal of any images that are used for purposes not previously agreed upon, or are discouraging to our brand.


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