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By TBC on September 10, 2018
10 ways to calm your nerves before your wedding day

Wedding countdown got you a little down? Lifestyle blogger Kacey from The Drifter Collective has 10 ways to help calm your nerves before your wedding day!

Devote Time to Your Hobby

People can get nervous about getting married even when their actual wedding day is still months or years away. Don’t let your anxiety build up all that time! Acknowledge what you’re feeling and don’t shy away from it. Instead, find some time to enjoy your favorite hobby. Can’t think of one? Now is a great time to start! Hobbies can be anything from exercising to baking to playing video games. Whatever relaxes you and gets your mind away from your nerves will help you destress and forget about any worries you might have.


Do a Mental Run-Through

As you piece details of your wedding day together, it gets easier to imagine a run-through of the whole day. This can be great, since it’s fun to daydream, but it can also allow for time to be spent imagining how everything can go wrong. Don’t trip yourself up over what might happen. Instead, use those run-throughs to create positive thoughts, like how special you’ll feel in your wedding dress or the emotions that will make your heart race with joy as you kiss your newly wedded spouse.

Make Peace with Imperfections

The truth is that no wedding happens perfectly. As much as you’ll see brides post gorgeous pictures and talk about how amazing their day was, there will always be tiny imperfections that no amount of prepping can prepare anyone for. De-stress by reading about famous celebrity wedding blunders and have a good laugh. You and your fiancé will be able to survive anything together, and that includes a late reception buffet or a first dance full of stepped-on toes.

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Spend Time with Your Partner

You’re getting married because your partner is someone you love spending time with. Don’t let yourself forget how much fun you can have together because you’re both focused on making a wedding happen. Go on an unplanned date together or do something exciting. You’ll both feel refreshed and much more excited about the future you have together.

Step Back from Planning

The most important thing you can do for yourself while you plan your wedding is to step back from it, even if that means planning breaks. It’s not healthy to live with constant anxiety, so make the effort to let your brain breathe every once and awhile. Sit back and relax — it will all fall into place in time.

Enjoy a Retreat

It’s hard to relax if you’ve felt nervous about your wedding for a long time in the same space. You might need to change up your environment, which means it’s time for a retreat! Go with your fiancé, friends or even on your own. Make sure to look up the best relaxing retreats so you know you’re in for a good time.

Volunteer in Your Community

When you’re not trying on potential wedding dresses or taste testing cake flavors, see if there’s any volunteer opportunities where you live. Helping others is always a good way to boost your energy and fill your life with positivity. Plus, studies have shown that volunteering improves mental health, which means a day in a soup kitchen or local animal shelter will help you conquer your nerves for good.

volunteer painting a wall

Treat Yourself

Some people unintentionally make their nerves worse by sticking to a strict diet and insane work hours. Draining yourself will make your nerves just as bad as procrastinating everything, so balance your wedding prep with treating yourself every now and then. Go out for a sweet treat or do something fun.

Have Fun with It

To help beat your nerves, you can also try the age-old trick of having fun wherever you are. If you’re months out from your wedding, let people fawn over you and tell you how gorgeous you’ll be as a bride. If your wedding is tomorrow, remember the times where you wished for the day to come and get excited because it’s finally here! There’s always a way to have fun if you look hard enough.

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Remember Why You’re Getting Married

Pre-wedding nerves can be caused by a million different reasons. Whether you’re about to walk down the aisle or you just got engaged yesterday, you can always help yourself by remembering why you said yes in the first place. Spending the rest of your life with your partner is a gift and a joy to be able to experience. Focusing on the positives will make any of your nerves a thing of the past.


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