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By TBC on July 10, 2020
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More than six years ago, Allie found herself constantly taking photos of friends and family. They kept swooning over how talented she was, but at the time, she was more focused on fashion photography and her fashion blog along with her “Instagram Husband” John – the man behind the camera. They worked together for companies shooting fashion campaigns with more editorial style images. Friends and family urged them to start a business together and after much hesitation, they decided that they couldn’t deny their talents and love for capturing the beauty in people. Allie found herself obsessed with big name photographers and got really into finding the aesthetic that best represented her creative eye. That is when Allie & John Photography became their passion project. She laughs now about how they never thought their business would come this far. 


Fast forward to three and a half years ago, the couple moved from Chicago to Denver for new opportunities, not to mention that Allie found the mountains to be the perfect backdrop. Because of our majestic mountains, Allie realized her love for outdoor weddings and began to transition from editorial shooting to primarily weddings. She loves meeting couples from diverse backgrounds, different cultures, and with unique life experiences. When talking with Allie, we could feel her sincere love for all walks of life.


This dynamic duo loves to have a phone conversation with all couples prior to meeting in person to establish what their vision is. They want to make sure they don’t stray away from their style of shooting and the vision they feel they best create. It’s also important to Allie and John that a potential client doesn’t feel pressured to alter their vision to fit Allie and John’s modern aesthetic. They work best with couples who want their photos to be romantic, yet modern and more editorial looking. Allie admits that look isn’t for everyone. She likes to understand why clients are drawn towards her images so that the relationship between her and the couple is a perfect fit.


Now that they are six years into the business, Allie takes a majority of the photos while John runs more of the business side of things. Aesthetically speaking, Allie has a love for symmetry. She finds clothing and photography go hand in hand. While still keeping clean lines in her photos, Allie blends her love of fashion and photography into images that make the dress and accessories stand out. Claiming she’s never been much of a trend follower, she tries to find a cohesive look to her photos. Shooting in natural light makes her giddy, so she shoots with film because it is more light hungry and helps her maintain perfect lighting in every shot. This light, airy, and modern feel is shown throughout her instagram, with a focus on symmetry being the biggest appeal. 


Allie and John may be six years into their business, but for them, this is just the beginning. As of this week, Allie and John Photography is the end of a chapter, as they move forward with a new brand, with Allie at the forefront – Alicia Rinka Photo. One of Allie’s and John’s dreams is to take their skills international and shoot weddings all over the world. Their first bucket list includes places like Santorini, Greece, India, Bali, and Ethiopia. Their inspiration comes from couples who are diverse and think “outside of the box.” Diving into new cultures and wedding traditions truly excites them. Allie and John crave meeting unique couples who are fashion forward and want to display their wedding aesthetic in a modern and romantic way. They continue to explore the world around them and go beyond their own comfort zone, falling in love over and over again with different walks of life. If this sounds like you, then Alicia Rinka Photo just might be the perfect fit for your wedding day.

Allie of Alicia Rinka Photo