Bridal City Tours

By TBC on September 28, 2020

The Bridal Collection is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountain region and is centrally located in the United States, making us an efficient wedding dress shop to see brides from far and wide. Our team is passionate about celebrating brides of all shapes, sizes, cultures, and locations. We believe there is no length too far to go to find your dream wedding dress. We have served brides who traveled from the Pacific Northwest, California, New York, and as far south as Florida. With many of our brides coming from different regions of the U.S., we gathered some inspiration from different cities to better help you say I DO! Whether you’re coming from one of these cities to find your dress with us or you live right up the street and want some inspo for a wedding in one of these cities, we have you covered!


With Colorado’s iconic Rocky Mountains as a ceremony backdrop, Aspen is guaranteed to leave your guests speechless. After saying I DO with a view, celebrate with a refined reception at one of the charming venues in this mountain town. No matter the season, Aspen doesn’t disappoint. Incorporating a lighter color palette will nicely contrast the abundant, year-round foliage. Aspen’s rustic ambiance is nicely complemented by modern elements for a chic fête. At our Denver wedding dress shop, you can feel confident in knowing that we have an abundance of elegant gowns to coordinate with your romantic Aspen wedding vision.

Aspen Bride Wedding Inspo



With 300 days of sunshine, Boulder is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, making it a picturesque place to say I DO! With blooming wildflowers, mountain top views, and open valleys, a Boulder wedding can be a whimsical bride’s dream. Mix a touch of rustic florals and alternative colors to your special day to embrace Boulder’s bohemian, adventurous spirit. Our Denver wedding dress shop proudly carries a variety of effortlessly chic wedding dresses for the free-spirited Boulder bride.

Boulder Bride Wedding Inspo



Positioned right at the bottom of the Pikes Peak region, Colorado Springs offers the most picturesque mountainscape to say your vows. With a rich western history and strong outdoorsy culture, Colorado Springs blends wonder and adventure. The city prides itself on exquisite views, no matter where in the city you are looking and cherishes the great Rocky Mountains as its stable foundation. Embracing mountain touches into your special day while keeping clean lines and a soft color palette will be sure to enrich your Colorado Springs wedding. The cool crisp air and blue skies will make your beautiful day that much more enjoyable.

Colorado Springs Bride Wedding Inspo



The capital of Colorado is an American metropolis dating to the Old West era. A transient city filled with diverse cultures and ultramodern buildings mixed in with 19th century buildings makes Denver a unique city with something exciting to see at every turn. A marriage of industrial city life and the Rocky Mountain makes Denver the ideal place for an urban wedding. Adding moody tones, rich textures, and ethereal details is the perfect nod to the Denver lifestyle.

Denver Bride Wedding Inspo



Wichita is where the midwest meets the wild west, as the city prides itself on artists and industrialists. With a historic and eclectic feel to the city, it is the perfect place for the vintage bride to celebrate her big day! Using rich colors and distinctive decor with notes of an industrial feel will be sure to make your Wichita wedding stand out.

Wichita Bride Wedding Inspo



Even though Omaha is growing, it hasn’t lost its midwestern charm. Omaha hosts the fifth largest fashion week event in the United States, making it an up-and-coming scene. This town’s urban-suburban mix is a great atmosphere to plan a classic, yet modern wedding. Using a traditional black and white color palette will set the tone for a formal celebration. More chic elements like an all black wedding cake and gold accent decor will introduce an urban touch to make your wedding a perfect blend of modern elegance. For the fashion-forward bride looking for a gown as unique as her special day, look no further than our Denver wedding dress shop for endless options, including gown customizations.

Omaha Bride Wedding Inspo



In the heart of the southwest, Albuquerque—New Mexico’s largest city—sits in the high desert. To its core, Albuquerque is rich with Native American tradition and Spanish roots. However, it now has more of a modern feel to it, with a strong art scene and vibrant city life. The mix of old tradition and new diverse cultures makes Albuquerque a truly unique and heartfelt place to say I DO. A free-spirited dress paired with bold colors, artistic touches, and desert-inspired designs will make your wedding day feel vibrant, yet balanced in the truest form of southwestern culture.

Albuquerque Bride Wedding Inspo