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By TBC on October 7, 2017
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How He Asked

When Dylan and Shayla bought their first home together in December of 2015, they started planning a housewarming party for the spring. They tend to procrastinate so despite having 5 months to plan, they found themselves up until the wee hours of the morning doing last minute party prep. Hours before the party, there were still so many things to get done like picking up food and utensils! Dylan was a saint and ran all the errands while Shayla stayed behind to finish cleaning the house.

Despite the last minute madness, once their guests arrived, the party was a blast. After a while, Shayla’s friend Jessi grabbed her and let her know that Dylan needed her. He was out in the yard ready to give a welcoming speech. Shayla walked over to join him, put her arm around him and noticed he was shaking like a leaf. When he began talking, her nerves started to kick in. He wrapped things up and their friends started clapping and congratulating them on their new home. When Shayla turned to Dylan, he was down on one knee holding a pretty little box with the most beautiful ring inside. The crowd went WILD! Though it started as a crazy day of stress and chaos, they will always remember that day as perfect because Dylan and Shayla agreed on forever with one another.  

Finding The Dress

Shayla jumped straight into wedding planning mode, and her first item on the list was find a wedding dress! Bringing along a friend, she visited a few local bridal shops in Denver and found a few wedding dresses that were pretty, but nothing felt right. The next day, she stopped by The Bridal Collection with her mom and two friends. Without having much of a vision except wanting something fitted with some lace, she chose eight dresses to try on.

After dress number five or six, her stylist brought in a unique, one-of-a-kind wedding dress just for fun. After slipping into the dress and looking in the mirror, she saw herself in a lace-adorned fit and flare with the most intricate beading. It was love at first sight. At that exact moment, she knew it was “the one”. Up until this point, Shayla didn’t have much of a plan for her wedding, but as soon as she laid eyes on her dress she could picture the entire wedding. Once she stepped out of the dressing room, her mom and friends began to cry – causing her own tears! The dress was perfect – and it fit her like a glove. Even her stylist had a few tears in her eyes knowing that particular one-of-a-kind dress was made for Shayla.

Because her dad would be the one paying for the dress, Shayla called him and asked him to come to the bridal shop. He came immediately, bringing one of her other friends. As soon as her father saw her in the wedding dress, he cried. Pass the tissues, everyone was crying. Even now, after the wedding, she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that this dress was meant for her. While trying it on, she felt beautiful and could picture herself on her wedding day. When that special day finally came, guests were raving about the dress!

Walking Down The Aisle

Shayla says “My favorite memory of our wedding day was walking down the aisle and seeing Dylan for the first time. I felt beautiful and since it was the first time he’d ever seen my dress I was so excited to see his reaction. I’ve never been as happy as I was at that moment and I thank The Bridal Collection for helping me look the best I could have on my big day. I know my dress will be one that no one will ever forget.”


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Wedding Dress: The Bridal Collection

Venue: Cielo at Castle Pines

Caterer: Occasions Catering

Photographer: Maheux Studio Photography

Videographer: Jonathan Martin of Black Sock Productions

Hair and Makeup: Kylie Nichols of Beauty Bee Hair

Cake & Desserts: The Dessert Stand

Music: A+ Music

Rentals: Event Rents

Florist: Maria Gunn of Moonlight Iris