Vendors We Love: Erin Ashley Design

By TBC on February 12, 2019
colorado florist erin ashley design

If you’ve been following The Bridal Collection for awhile, you’ve probably seen Erin Ashley‘s beautiful floral designs.  She produced gorgeous, regal headpieces for our Kathryn Elizabeth winter shoot, a large floral arch for Brides Night Out at Spruce Mountain Ranch, and even agreed to make the perfect backdrop for our dog adoption event in July.  We admire her creativity and how she is always on the cutting edge of floral design.  She also happens to be a fantastic person.  We asked Erin a few “thought-provoking” questions to help you get to know her.

What is your favorite part of being a wedding florist?

Picking just one favorite part of being a florist is nearly impossible! There are so many aspects to the craft that I love, but if I had to narrow it down to my top two things it would be 1. being a part of a couple’s special day and bearing witness to their love! That is what life is all about – experiencing love! 2, The flowers. I just love them all and being able to work with them for a living is nothing short of a dream!

How do you get inspired?

Inspiration strikes all the time – and not always from the most obvious of places. Sometimes, ideas spark from something someone said that reminds me of something else (I keep a small notebook with me at all times to jot these ideas down).  Also, when I’m out for a run, when a new floral cultivar is released that I have to try; from other amazingly talented florists I follow on Instagram; from continuing education courses and workshops; from Interior design and interior designers I follow on Instagram; from the ballet; from gardening; from my children; and from anything I can find beauty in. 

colorado florist setting up wedding arch
Photo: Sarah Roshan

What do you like to do when you are not working?

Like to do and have time to do usually never meet as I am the mother of two young kiddos. But, should those two parameters blur and I have time for ‘me’. I love to go hiking, I love to paint and do amateur photography, I like to redesign the interior of my house, and probably the most indulgent thing would be a bath and a good book. 

What makes your designs unique?

I try and stay fresh and ahead of design curves.  My formal degree is in Landscape Architecture so I think this design perspective has given me a different filter when I am selecting my products for a wedding. I’ve been told many times that I’m great with textures and with color – and I think it all goes back to this training. I also like playing to the whim of the product – sometimes stems grow crooked and oddly shaped, and I think these pieces are the jewels to bouquets and centerpieces because they have the most organic, soft forms. Sometimes I find that expiration of color or floral selections can make all the difference. And, I’m a total sucker for what’s new in the wholesaler cooler!