Favorite Ballgowns of 2019

By TBC on July 9, 2019
favorite ballgowns of 2019

Why share our favorite ballgowns of 2019? As little girls, many of us dream of our future wedding day. We envision ourselves walking down the aisle wearing a fluffy white ballgown adorned with sparkle and maybe even some lace. For some, that dream never fades away. 


We meet a lot of brides excited for their moment to wear the dress that makes them feel like a princess! Ballgowns have a special magic, probably because they’re unlike anything you’ve ever worn in your life. We always say this is the ONE day in your life that you can wear whatever you desire, so go for what makes you feel the most beautiful!


On the other hand, we meet women who want to stay away from the “poofy dresses”. If you find yourself saying “that is the one type of dress I am NOT interested in,” hear us out, for just a minute. You may be surprised at how you feel wearing this specific silhouette! Look, I know you specifically said “no ballgowns”, but, don’t fight it if you find yourself drawn to a gown you never imagined wearing! Just for fun, try one. 


We find that, to their surprise, many brides unexpectedly fall in love with a ballgown. With a sweeping skirt perfect for twirling, romantic bodice, and jaw-dropping silhouette, these breathtaking gowns are often your dream come true.

We’ve rounded up a few of our current favorite ballgowns of 2019 at our Denver bridal shop!


Justin Alexander

Martina Liana


Maggie Sottero

L’amour by Calla Blanche

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