Charity of the Month: Polished Pearl

By TBC on January 20, 2020
Polished Pearl - Freedom is Beautiful

Since The Bridal Collection opened in 2000, giving back locally and globally has been a foundation of our business. As a women-owned business dedicated to empowering and helping women, we are constantly seeking opportunities to do so. This month, we will donate a portion of our sales to Polished Pearl, a “lifestyle brand that helps to employ survivors of human trafficking and those at risk of being trafficked.” Polished Pearl provides employment opportunities to human trafficking survivors in India. These women create stunning, bespoke accessories that are available for purchase online. In addition, they make bridal veils that are sold in boutiques throughout the United States, including at The Bridal Collection! 

How Polished Pearl Started

It all began when a group of women met with anti-human trafficking organizations to understand the issue and learn how to help. After meeting other individuals dedicated to combating the issue of slavery, they learned that one of the greatest needs is jobs. As it turns out, very few victims of human trafficking have a way out, and those who do escape, often end up re-exploited due to lack of employment. In particular, the women in a culture with very few employment opportunities to begin with, are most vulnerable. 

After learning the facts and statistics surrounding human trafficking, these dedicated and determined women in the UK founded Polished Pearl. Their goal? To offer employment opportunities to human trafficking survivors in India. A U.S. branch was later started. 

Polished Pearl says of the survivors, “They are like a pearl, that have been hidden in dark places, but are unique and valuable. We love to see that strength and beauty released and expressed. We invite you to join in this journey…to have your precious life moments made all the more meaningful because of the touch of freedom. Because, freedom is beautiful.”

How to Get Involved

It is a privilege to partner with Polished Pearl in their fight to provide jobs for human trafficking survivors in India. We invite you to join us! There are several ways you can support this great cause. First, a portion of all purchases made in the month of January will be donated to Polished Pearl. In addition, you can show your support by purchasing a Polished Pearl veil at The Bridal Collection during any month of the year. Finally, you can share their story and increase awareness.



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