The Bridal Collection: A Family Tradition

By TBC on October 24, 2017
the bridal collection a family tradition

Love of family has always been the foundation of everything we do at The Bridal Collection. We delight in family gatherings, traditions, celebrations, vacations, working together and, of course, weddings! From the beginning, 17 years ago, we wanted to become a tradition for families in Colorado; a place they could trust for some of life’s most important moments. As the oldest of my generation, I’ve had the honor of watching all the girls in my family grow up into loving and confident women. So far, we’ve been privileged to dress 9 family brides!

The Bridal Collection wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye, or a dream in my heart when I fell in love with my college sweetheart and got married at the ripe old age of 21. So I have had the blessing of being both an innocent, naive bride, with no ideas about the industry, and a wedding professional able to assist with my younger siblings’ and cousins’ weddings.

This is the story of Sarah, my youngest cousin. Sarah’s story begins at my wedding, ‪June 20‬, 1998, when she was just 5 years old. She was one of my flower girls, somewhat reluctant (as in threw a complete screaming and crying fit and refused to walk down the aisle during the rehearsal), but she managed to pull it together on the day of the ceremony and was completely adorable.

bride with flower girls

Loved all my darling flower girls. Sarah is the brunette seated on the lower left.

Two years later, mom and I opened the doors at The Bridal Collection for the first time. We needed a print ad for local magazines but we were simply out of funds and hadn’t planned for this in our budget. What do you do when you need help? Ask family! Mary, my sister, was our bride and Sarah played her flower girl. After all, she was experienced now.

the bridal collection then and now

At our 10 year anniversary, we snapped this shot of Mary and Sarah standing in front of our first ad photo.   

During the next several years, Sarah was a popular bridesmaid in family weddings including my sister’s, as a junior bridesmaid, and both of her own sisters! Of course, all of her dresses were from The Bridal Collection.

junior bridesmaid

Honored to dress all of these lovely brides and their attendants.

My sister, sister-in-law and several cousins have all worked at TBC sharing their talents and skills. Sarah worked two summers while in high school as a Saturday helper and a personal assistant to me.  She was a little bundle of energy, working hard and always flashing her infectious smile.

Sarah wearing Tony Bowls.  Glamorous in blue for prom and sophisticated in black for a Leadership Conference Awards Banquet.

After college, Sarah moved to California where she is now an accomplished chef. Besides pursuing her career, she also met the love of her life, Corey. In June, the two were married in a beautiful wine country wedding. (Watch for an upcoming blog with their story and incredible photos).

family wedding photo

Mom and I sharing in Sarah’s joy. Isn’t she radiant?

All of us at The Bridal Collection are still motivated and encouraged everyday by family, tradition, hope and love. Have you worn dresses from TBC to multiple events in your life? I’d really love to see your photos. Please share them in the comments.