World Travelers Tie The Knot at Denver Wedding

By TBC on September 2, 2017

How They Met

It is a common phrase these days: “We met online”. For both Emily and Richard, online dating was something they each did without much expectation. Both had friends write their profiles for them, but Emily caught Richard’s eye. He was the only person from the vast number folks on OKCupid that Emily agreed to meet on a date.

Their friends said “don’t talk about your previous relationships, don’t talk about anything deep, keep it fun and simple.” However, these two are stubborn and self-determined. Richard showed up late to their first date after helping a woman in a hit-and-run accident. But, by the end of a night of eating Ethiopian food and talking about everything, it was clear to both of them that this was something special. A second date to hear a lecture (no, not a planetarium show) at the Museum of Nature and Science set off a whirlwind romance, filled with adventures, globe-trotting, and total nerding out. Emily and Richard met and fell in love quickly and deeply. When you meet your best friend, it’s hard not to let go of their hand.

How He Asked

Richard’s job gives him the chance to travel the world, and Emily’s teaching gig affords her summers off. After a “bonus” payday from teaching summer school, she decided to buy a ticket and join Richard in Singapore for an epic summer adventure. Richard thought, “Why not make an already awesome adventure even greater?”, so he began his proposal planning.

He found a gorgeous blue topaz gem first and had a yellow gold ring custom made for Emily. The setting is a very classic design, prominently featuring the blue topaz, surrounded by little diamonds. It is similar to many of the other pieces of jewelry he has surprised her with over the years. After a long day of wandering through the city, Richard asked to stop and take some nice photos for their parents that weren’t just selfies. While posing in front of the Marina Bay skyline, he snapped some photos using a remote. When Emily looked away, he got to one knee and called for her to turn around again. Then, he asked, “Will you marry me?”. She immediately said YES and jumped into his arms.

​Finding the Dress

After shopping at two small bridal salons with her parents, Emily began to feel discouraged. She was overwhelmed when given the task to sort through the racks on her own. Once she found something she liked, her mom didn’t seem to approve. After a few months had passed, Emily began to worry. She’s type A, so her schedule said she needed a wedding dress by December to have a July wedding. Emily scheduled an appointment at The Bridal Collection, figuring if she couldn’t find a dress while shopping alone she just wouldn’t have a wedding!

Since she is a teacher, she went to shop at The Bridal Collection one night after school. Her stylist was kind and thoughtful, listening to what she wanted and hand-picking four dresses for her to try on. As she tried on the first three dresses, she liked certain things but still found details she would want to change. The last dress she tried on was a lace gown – soft, feminine, and sexy. She was stunned the moment she put it on. It fit her perfectly! She felt beautiful and grown up; she knew it was her dress. The lace reminded her of fresh-picked wildflowers that had been sewn on, and the flow of the train made her feel like a fairy princess.

Once her bridal stylist placed a veil in her hair, Emily smiled knowing she finally had found a dress. For Emily, shopping alone was the best option. Only her opinion mattered, and her bridal stylist was helpful to provide feedback while letting her make her own decision. While it wasn’t a typical bridal shopping experience, Emily bought her dress on December 1st – just in time to cross it off her to-do list! Now she could plan the rest of her wedding.

Favorite Wedding Day Memory

Emily and Richard debated whether or not to see one another before the ceremony. When their photographer, Heather, encouraged them to do a first look to get the nerves out, they agreed. It would also provide more time for them to take photos before the wedding frenzy began! The two got ready at the Denver Renaissance Hotel downtown, just a few rooms down the hall from one another. Once they were ready, they each went to a different part of Union Station.

When the A-line train pulled in, they stood on opposite sides. They love traveling, and hope to explore more of the world by train. After waiting impatiently, the train finally departed and they saw one another. The train conductor counted down the moments before their first look, and before she knew it, Emily saw her groom! They couldn’t stop laughing once they got to the end of the platform. After greeting each other with a sweet kiss, Emily felt so at ease and ready to be married.

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