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By TBC on March 6, 2018
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At The Bridal Collection, we want every bride who visits our shop to have an amazing experience with those who matter most to her.  To help brides-to-be get the most out of their shopping experience, we’ve come up with our top 10 Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Gown Shopping.

1. Relax!

Most brides are equally excited and nervous about shopping for a wedding gown – that’s normal. The good news is that bridal gowns are made to make you look good.  Their construction, fabrics and silhouettes are specifically selected to enhance your best features.

Also, bridal stylists are experts when it comes to guiding you through the bridal shopping experience with excitement, enthusiasm and expert advice. If you have specific concerns, don’t hesitate to call the store and chat with a stylist before your appointment.

2. Limit your Guest Count

More guests might mean more drama.  Each person you bring to your appointment will have a different idea about what your wedding gown should look like. To get the most out of your bridal shopping experience, we recommend bringing a maximum of four guests whose opinions you trust. You, the bride, are the star at your wedding gown appointment. You should only be thinking about what your vision is, your individuality and style, without pressure from others. 

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3. Keep your Schedule Light

Trying on wedding gowns can be emotionally and physically exhausting so don’t schedule more than two appointments in day.  Use the extra time to talk about your favorites, or celebrate finding “the one”, while enjoying lunch or pedicures with your family and besties.  Check out our blog about The Perfect Wedding Dress Shopping Day.

4. Know Your Budget

By setting a budget ahead of time, you’ll be able to focus on trying on amazing gowns that you know you can comfortably say “Yes” to.  Most bridal shops list price ranges on their website, so do your homework before and limit your visits to the shops that carry gowns in your price range.  

Hint: (Remember the cost of alterations and accessories when setting your budget)

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5. Be Ready to Say “Yes”!

When it’s THE DRESS, it’s ok to say “Yes”  whether it’s your first appointment or your fourth.  You’ll know it is the one when you feel beautiful, confident and you don’t want to take it off. Being prepared by having payment details worked out prior to your appointment will be less stressful and keep you in the excitement of the “Yes” moment. Most bridal stores will expect at least 50% payment prior to ordering your gown

6. Prepare for Your Appointment

Get ready for your bridal  appointment like you would a date night.  You want to feel confident while you are trying on gowns so take the time to shower, shave and style your hair.  If you normally wear make-up on a date, add that too! For undergarments, we recommend wearing flesh-colored underwear without seams or embellishments and a well-fitting nude, strapless bra. Don’t worry if you don’t have a strapless bra, most shops keep some you could wear for trying on dresses.

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7. Have an Open Mind

Some brides have a detailed picture of what they want in a gown, some have a vision for the feel they want and some brides have no idea at all. No matter where you land on this spectrum, keep an open mind when it comes to gowns. Enjoy your day and have fun trying on the designs that you choose and the ones that your bridal stylist recommends based on her expertise. Bridal fashion is ever changing and you may be surprised which dress becomes THE dress.

8. Remember the Total Package

Consider your venue, the season of your wedding and your groom’s attire when you are shopping for your dress.  If you’re getting married on New Year’s Eve, a sexy sheath dress or a sparkly A-line will Wow. If you plan to take photos in a remote aspen grove, you probably want a gown that is easy to move in and lightweight. If you don’t yet have a vision, why not let the gown you choose set the tone for the rest of the day?

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9. Eat, but don’t drink before you visit

It is no fun to try on wedding dresses if you are hangry, lightheaded or feeling tired. To get the most out of your bridal appointment, schedule time for breakfast or lunch, bring snacks and celebrate when you say “yes” to the dress. At The Bridal Collection, we have 3 VIB appointments available so you can snack and shop at the same time.   

10. Accessories Matter!

We’ve all seen the transformation that occurs when a stylist completes a bridal look by adding just the right veil and accessories to a gown. In that moment, the bride imagines herself walking down the aisle toward the love of her life.  If you can’t purchase the matching accessories at the time of your dress appointment, ask the stylist to record your favorites for later and be sure to take lots of photos.

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