101 Things

By TBC on January 17, 2013
101 Things To Do With Your Husband

…to do with your husband (or fiancé)! Wedding planning can become all-consuming but don’t forget to enjoy this time in your life, spending quality time with your love.

Some of our favorite suggestions from this amazing list:
· Shop for something new for you and for him
· Picnic on the beach (or lakeside)
· Sit outside and watch the sunset
· Cooking class together
· Head to a coffee shop and chill out
· House hunting
· Couple massages – our favorite!
· Volunteer together somewhere special
· Play frisbee
· When it’s raining, run outside and kiss in the rain!
· Free movies in the park
· Make chocolate chip cookies from scratch together
· Head to the batting cages
· Make a family tree
· Make your own sushi
· Create a vision board of goals and dreams for your lives ahead