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By TBC on February 3, 2018
blackstone country club wedding

How did he ask?

proposalOn December 26, 2016 Torey’s family rented a limo to drive around south Denver and look at all the beautiful Christmas lights. While they were out, her boyfriend Dane’s family snuck over to Torey’s parents’ backyard to spell out four special words in twinkling lights. After a few hours of admiring the Christmas spirit (in a limo, no less!), Torey, Dane, and her family returned to their home. When they went inside, Dane shouted at Torey to come outside and see the lights. Clueless, she took her sweet time and poured a glass of wine.

Finally, she made her way to the deck door and took about 4 steps outside before seeing “Will You Marry Me” in massive, twinkling letters in the yard. Immediately, she fell to her knees (somehow managing not to spill her wine). The tears began to flow as Dane rushed over to her. After dropping down on one knee, he pulled out the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. It was a dream proposal, to say the least.


Dress Shopping Experience

When Torey arrived at The Bridal Collection, she had no idea she was about to find the dress of her dreams. As she stepped into the beautiful Denver bridal shop, she sensed something different than the other shops. Every single woman working there greeted her with friendly smiles and comforting support – just what you need while shopping for a wedding dress!

After being escorted to her private bridal suite, Torey’s stylist asked important questions; things like what she liked and didn’t like, favorite and least favorite parts of her body, and questions about who she is as a person and a bride. Then they perused the showroom, selecting a few wedding dresses for her to try on.

As she slipped into and out of a handful of dresses, Torey noted certain details that drew her attention. Eventually, she narrowed down to two dresses. After trying each dress on five or six times, Torey began feeling conflicted. The dresses were so different, yet they both had everything she wanted. Finally, her stylist asked her to decide which type of bride she wanted to be. Immediately, Torey knew which dress was the one. She felt so beautiful, comfortable in her own skin, and like a princess.

Favorite Memory of the Day

One of the most memorable parts of Torey’s Blackstone Country Club wedding day is praying together before the ceremony. Since they opted not to have a first look, they arranged for a place outside of their venue with a big door separating them from seeing one another. Before this moment, Torey felt the anxiety that many brides experience on their wedding day. However, the moment she walked out to the door, grabbed her groom’s hand and heard his voice, every nervous feeling melted away. Suddenly, she was overcome with joy, excitement, and pure love.

As they stood there, they talked about the morning, how they were feeling, and their soon-to-be marriage. Afterwards, they bowed their heads for a prayer, then parted ways.

Having that intimate moment with her groom changed Torey’s entire wedding day. “It was one of the few moments that it was just us, alone, in our own little world. I will always cherish that moment with him.”

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Venue: Blackstone Country Club

Dress: The Bridal Collection

Hair & Make-Up: Corynne Lynch

Floral: Rooted Floral & Design

Photo: Jody Millard Photography

On-site Wedding Coordinator: Erika Alsobrook