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By TBC on November 25, 2017
camp hale colorado wedding

High School Sweethearts

Erin met Kris, the super cute sophomore who sat behind her in Biology class, during her freshman year at Ponderosa High School. Each day, she tried to think of a way to break the ice and get to know him. Kris came to class every day with a green Powerade (super appealing). One day, Erin worked up the courage to turn around and ask him for a sip. The rest is history! They dated on and off in high school, then all through college while they attended CSU and CU. They have been a couple for over 8 years!

Dreamy Proposal in Vail, CO

Kris surprised Erin with a day trip to Vail, one of their favorite Colorado destinations. They started the day with brunch at the Sonnenalp, followed by massages and a stroll around town. When they got to their most special bridge in Vail (no, not the famous one), Kris asked Erin if they should take their Christmas card photo there. He found a stranger to snap a picture, quietly mentioning that he would be proposing so would she please take several photos. The girl who agreed to take the photos started to cry before she even began taking photos! After she snapped a few pics for their Christmas card, Kris got down on one knee and asked Erin to spend forever with him!

In hindsight, Erin says she should have seen it coming, but at the time it was such a complete shock! To this day it is still one of her favorite days.

Tied The Knot in Lazaro

Ever since Erin discovered Lazaro, she dreamed of marrying the love of her life in one of their incredible wedding dresses. So when her family friend Cathy (our very own stylist!) told her that The Bridal Collection was Colorado’s only Lazaro retailer, she knew it was the only place she needed to visit! After two weeks of engaged bliss, Erin rounded up almost all of her bridal party (10 bridesmaids!), her mother, future mother-in-law, and future stepmother-in-law and headed for the Denver bridal shop. When they arrived, the receptionist had a large, private room ready to accommodate the entire entourage.

After getting acquainted, Erin picked out the dress she had been eyeing forever, while her stylist asked some of her bridesmaids to pick out a few more dresses for her to try on. The bride-to-be tried them all on, with her stylist walking her through the entire process. Once she put on “THE DRESS”, she didn’t want to take it off! “It was a miracle I didn’t walk out of the store with it on,” she says. The sentiment rings true – when you know, you know. “I had a dress viewing and 2 fittings and I couldn’t have worked with more friendly people, my dress buying experience went beyond my expectations, and my dress couldn’t have been more perfect for me.” Erin says.

Finley’s Wedding Day Dive

Erin and Kris have a sweet 100 lb. chocolate lab named Finley. They wanted him to be part of their wedding day, knowing that having him around would help keep their nerves in check. However, their wedding venue is on a lake, and as you may know, Labrador retrievers LOVE water. About an hour before the wedding ceremony, Finley escaped from his leash and took off, heading straight for the lake. Erin’s incredible tribe of bridesmaids, all dolled-up and dressed for the wedding, chased him down, getting him out of the water. Finley was soaking wet and covered in flower petals from the aisle! Finally, they managed to get him back on his leash and returned him to the cabin where the groomsmen were. Erin had NO idea that Finley went for a swim – she was content just drinking a glass of wine in her cabin.

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Venue: Camp Hale

Dress: Lazaro from The Bridal Collection

Flowers: My Favorite Flowers – Jeannine Clemons

Photography: Kind Honey Photography

Food: Hickory House BBQ