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By TBC on January 13, 2021
Backyard wedding during COVID pandemic


Colorado born and raised and growing up in Littleton near The Bridal Collection, Erin is close with her family. Each family member special to her in their own way, their shared moments had a lasting impact on who she is today. All those little moments seemingly came full circle in the most special way when it was time for a Miss to become a Mrs. The idea of a backyard wedding at her childhood home was not part of the original day; consequently, it became the foundation for a wedding day that Erin never knew she wanted.

Erin met Reese on Easter Sunday while singing at church. She noticed him from across the room and asked herself, “Who is that man?!” Humorously, she knew him. However, his newly grown beard and muscles made him look entirely different. After a few more Sunday church services, Erin’s dad intervened and invited Reese to lunch with the family. Erin was embarrassed, but to her surprise, Reese agreed. That same day, Reese asked Erin to be his girlfriend. 

Getting married during COVID pandemic



Seven months later, in December of 2019, Reese asked Erin to be his forever—and of course she said yes! They wanted a whimsical and outdoorsy summertime wedding with a garden feel. They knew they had to jump on planning. A June wedding date was picked, a wedding website was built, a venue was secured, and a menu was selected for their 175 guest count. When COVID hit, they weren’t too concerned – surely by June things would be good to go. 

With an optimistic attitude, they continued their planning, and Erin visited The Bridal Collection to find her dream wedding dress. She grew up knowing about The Bridal Collection and had many friends who purchased their gowns from the shop. She had a vision for a fitted, lacy dress that would give her that whimsical feel she had so longingly dreamed of. Erin tried numerous wedding dresses at other shops, but nothing felt like the entire package. She loved aspects of each gown, but none of them came together like she wanted.

When Erin saw her mom start to cry as she came out in the first dress at The Bridal Collection, she knew it was a good sign. She describes how she felt beautiful, confident, and her truest self. Her ivory Justin Alexander wedding gown was made with intricate beaded lace details and a raw hem—everything she imagined for her wedding dress. Once her bridal stylist put the whole look together with a veil and headband, she knew it was time to say YES! to that wedding dress.

Justin Alexander Adaline 88161 Wedding Dress



Fast forward to the middle of May, Erin and Reese had not yet heard a COVID status update from their venue. When they finally did, they were informed that the maximum guest count was 50, and everyone would be required to social distance and wear masks. In their hearts, they knew that wasn’t what they wanted. With tears flowing as Erin sat at her parents’ kitchen table—where so many memories were made—her mom laughed and said, “You could have a backyard wedding!”

You see, Erin’s childhood backyard isn’t a typical backyard. In other words, envision a garden oasis full of luscious trees. As a child, Erin and her mom joked about a garden themed backyard wedding; however, this quickly became a sentimental reality. Her parents went straight to work—freshening up the backyard, borrowing a wooden arch, renting chairs, and even making custom napkins. Erin admits her parents did most of the work and incorporated some of her original decor she wanted for her larger wedding. As the big day approached, she reflected on how meaningful and serendipitous it felt that she would marry the man of her dreams at her family home. She also realized how many personal details they would be able to be put in place in such an intimate setting.

Backyard wedding during COVID pandemic



Erin’s grandma’s piano was in the basement of the home, the exact piano that Erin learned to play on. With a walkout basement, the piano easily rolled out into the backyard. She notes that they planned to use a keyboard during their original ceremony. With a much smaller guest count, Erin had the courage and confidence to sing during the ceremony, sharing a beautiful gift with her fiancé and their guests. She admits that this would never have happened during their originally planned ceremony. Before the ceremony, Erin sat down on a bench handmade by her grandfather for some photos. Her mom adoringly watched on with tears in her eyes. At the eleventh hour, Reese borrowed family cufflinks—something impossible if they were at the original venue.

Many sentimental details consumed the day, making this couple’s wedding day that much more meaningful and heartfelt. Erin slept at her parents’ home the eve of her wedding. She relished in how special it was to get ready in her mom’s bathroom, enjoy a slow morning with her family, and sit outside on their porch soaking in every moment of her wedding day. If they kept their original plan, Erin remarks that she would have been shuttled to the venue and felt more anxious about the day’s event. Everything felt simple, and she was completely content with that. 

Erin believes it was a Godsend the way the day unfolded. Erin’s dad married the couple in her childhood backyard. They danced in the grass that Erin once played in. Most importantly, they spent time connecting with every single person there. Ultimately, their intimate backyard wedding was not what Erin and Reese envisioned—it was everything they wanted and more.

At-home wedding during COVID pandemic with special details



Photographer – Amy Caroline Photography
Floral – Daisy’s Front Porch
Hair and Makeup – Trista Portugal
Videographer – Jonathan Hagman
Wedding Dress – Justin Alexander from The Bridal Collection
Veil – Veil Trends from The Bridal Collection
Headband – Bel Aire Bridal from The Bridal Collection