2021 Wedding Dress Trends

By TBC on January 21, 2021
2021 Wedding Dress Trends

Because of the ongoing pandemic, wedding trend predictions are proving to be extra exciting for 2021. As we all know, the events that occur around us directly reflect how we choose to express ourselves through fashion and that extends to what brides choose to wear down the aisle. The 2021 wedding dress trends predict to shadow 2020 trends but also sprinkle in the hope of a better year to come. Despite the uncertainty of the coming year, we are certain that the following trends will thrive in the new year!


In 2020, we saw more small weddings than ever before. Brides often selected shorter dresses for elopements and tea length dresses—which provide a slightly more casual look—for smaller celebrations. This trend that began last year is sure to continue into this year. Slip dresses are on trend in streetwear, so why stop there? We predict that this extra simple look, with either long or shorter hemlines, will transcend everyday life into the wedding world in 2021.

Simple wedding dresses 2021 wedding dress trends



In addition to short dresses, we predict that 2021 wedding dress trends will include an uprise in transformative dresses and accessories. Shoulder capes and statement boleros add the possibility of the dress being worn in a second wedding with a completely new look. Capes, all the rage on the runway this year, are a perfect accessory to reinvent a gown to be worn again and again. Likewise, detachable accessories such as sleeves and dress trains provide two looks with one dress.

two dresses in one detachable sleeves detachable train wedding dress trends



When extreme change happens, we often see people yearn for the past, which includes seeking classic styles. We predict that our nostalgia for the 90’s will bring back the square neckline in 2021 wedding dresses. The square neckline shows off the collarbone and reminds us of the gorgeous 1800’s dresses that everyone is talking about from the Netflix series, Bridgerton. Off-the-shoulder balloon / blouson sleeves are another romantic trend that still offer a classic look with some extra flare. In addition to looks that remind us of the “good old days”, many designers are betting on minimalism for 2021. Choosing an A-line dress guarantees a minimalistic look that can match the vibe of any location. With the ever-changing circumstances in the world, the A-line gown offers the flexibility and the comfort of a timeless gown.

clean minimalistic wedding gowns 2021 wedding dress trends



In contrast with the classic gown, we predict that for some brides, the hope of 2021 will bring about some statement pieces to raise excitement and intrigue. Maxi bows are a great example of a feminine statement and are also an elegant homage to prior decades. Another anticipated trend is unique laces. Expect to see more modern and bold lace details. Textured elements like 3D florals, ruffles, and layered skirts are a romantic way to add dimension to a wedding dress, and we expect an explosion in the coming year, along with backless wedding dresses. Whether the back of the dress is sheer or completely open, the backless dress is a statement that will turn heads for all the right reasons.

statement wedding dress details 2021 wedding dress trends



Even though wedding dresses are our forte, we love keeping up with everything wedding related. We thought you should know about some wedding-centered trends for the year. Expect to see large floral arrangements—along with cascading bridal bouquets—in 2021 and small bite-sized hors d’oeuvres like charcuterie boards! We anticipate that inexpensive DIY decorations and mismatched seating arrangements will be popular as well. Finally, as we have seen in years past, it seems that coordinated colors may take a back seat when it comes to matching wedding parties. Whether you cling to the trends of the new year or choose your own style, we know your 2021 wedding will be perfect for you!