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By TBC on January 28, 2021
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Nanny by day, photographer by night, Morgan, owner and lead photographer of Lady Ilg Photography, found herself with a point and shoot camera accidentally becoming an established photographer. This was 8 years ago—she can’t believe how fast the time has gone by and how many weddings she has done over the years. She started by photographing babies, family and friends, and lots of senior portraits, mainly for fun. She fell in love at her first wedding shoot in 2014. In love with working with couples during the most exciting time of their lives. She was in awe of how they interacted with each other and the story she could ultimately document through a camera lens.

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After her first few weddings, she knew that would be her primary focus. She was in the season of her life where she was in between career paths and decided to pursue wedding photography full time. As she began building her business, Morgan reflected on what it truly means to hire a wedding photographer. She realized how intimate a decision it is to decide on someone spending the entire day side by side with you, on one of the most important days of your life. She reflected back to hiring her own wedding photographer and how she made the decision based on the photographer’s personality and the way she made them feel super comfortable and at ease. That is exactly how she built the foundation of her business, sharing who she is as a person and building relationships with couples. This allows for couples to hire Morgan not just for her talent, but also for who she is as a person. 

Lady Ilg Photography wedding photographer in Denver, Colorado



Working with clients is more about the relationship—so much so, that Morgan’s best friend is a former bride whose wedding she photographed. She loves people and even more so loves getting to know them and building a relationship with them. Her favorite part of a wedding day is listening to the toasts because it gives her more of an insight to each couple, and she gets to hear some of the most vulnerable or funny stories about what makes them, well them! She also recognizes each couple is unique, and she tries to honor their special requests and quirks. Morgan likes to keep a consistent shot list for the day but happily takes suggestions from the couples if they have ideas or want to capture a specific moment. She really wants to showcase their personality and will look for ways to do that throughout the day. She also encourages brides to look at past galleries and let her know which photos they may want to recreate.

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During the last few years, Morgan has transitioned into doing more luxury and high-end weddings, for multiple reasons really. She has always tried to maintain a beautiful and crisp aesthetic that she feels more high-end weddings offer. The color palettes tend to be softer and more simple, the exact look she is going for. Her Instagram tends to be light and airy, with a classic touch to it. She jokes that she does not necessarily keep up with trends, but she feels like it works to her benefit. She wants the photos she takes to still be admired and look high quality 70 years from now. By keeping them simple and crisp, she feels that she can achieve that for all of her couples. Maintaining a streamlined aesthetic also creates consistency, her couples know what to expect and the level of quality she will deliver. Her refreshing and engaging personality, along with her high quality imagery, makes Morgan one of the best in the business.

Lady Ilg Photography fine art wedding photographer in Colorado


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