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By TBC on September 1, 2018
yosemite national park elopement

Why Yosemite?

Stuart and Lindsey’s relationship was founded upon their mutual love for hiking, the mountains, and anything outdoors. It was a no-brainer that they wanted their wedding to reflect that love. The two didn’t have strong ties to their current city, (because it’s a military post) so they chose a location that they hoped and believed would come to forever hold a special place in their hearts. It didn’t take long for them to decided that a small, intimate ceremony with family at Yosemite National Park was the perfect place to keep the focus on their love, while also being surrounded by majestic beauty.

Dressed for Adventure

Lindsey spent a weekend in Colorado with the goal of finding a dress with her mom and two sisters-in-law. They spent an entire day in Denver at different boutiques. After multiple appointments, Lindsey feared she would just have to settle for less than her dream wedding dress. Luckily, the group made a stop at The Bridal Collection on their way to take Lindsey to the airport for one last try at finding “the” dress. From the moment she walked in, Lindsey felt that this experience would be different from the others.

When she envisioned her wedding day, Lindsey imagined herself in a long-sleeved, fitted lace bridal gown. On top of everything, she knew she needed a dress that could wear dirt well — after all, it would most likely end up covered in mud! She tried on a few dresses chosen by her bridal stylist, before seeing herself in what would become “the one”. The moment she slipped into the Justin Alexander dress, she felt that highly anticipated “this is it!” moment — along with everyone else in the room! Her stylist helped her add customized Juliet sleeves, which made it everything Lindsey wanted and more. She fell madly in love with the two-tone color, which caused the gorgeous lace detail to pop, and the romantic train.

Without A Wrinkle

Stuart is a captain in the Army, which has, and will always, play a major role in their life together. His father is retired Air Force and his brother-in-law is also active duty Air Force. The three men chose to wear their dress uniforms for the wedding, and Stuart’s father also officiated the ceremony! Having the military background represented on their wedding day was extremely special to all.

However, one thing that made their day extra special came close to being a wedding disaster! While getting on the plane to California, Stuart realized he had left his uniform in his closet! Thankfully, a few good friends were able to get a spare house key, find the uniform, and overnight ship it to him in Yosemite. His uniform arrived the very next day, just in time for the ceremony! Better yet — it arrived without even a wrinkle in it, as he immediately pointed out when he opened the package! Disaster averted.

Advice for Future Brides

“Planning a wedding (and your wedding day for that matter) doesn’t have to be stressful! And don’t be afraid to break the mold and do what makes you and your future partner truly happy. A big wedding isn’t for everyone. I’ve heard from so many friends how stressed out they are months leading up to their wedding and how their wedding day was a complete blur. Once I had my dress, we chose the location, and found photographers who knew the lay of land, we left the rest of the details up in the air. We chose to rent two large houses for us and our family to stay in for the weekend, so the wedding was just one event out of many. We hiked, had a family cookout, played games, and really cherished the entire experience…not just a few hours at a formal wedding. It was a fun, relaxing, adventurous weekend filled with memories that will last a lifetime for everyone involved.” – Lindsey  

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Photographers: The Hearnes

Bridal Shop: The Bridal Collection

Dress Designer: Justin Alexander

Veil: Toni Federici “Chanel”

Ceremony: Cathedral Beach, Yosemite National Park

Flowers: Sweet Dreams Cakes and Flowers

Lodging: Scenic Wonders Vacation Rentals