Save My Colorado Wedding

By TBC on September 17, 2013
Tragedy Inspires Compassion and Love —
Save My Colorado Wedding

When all goes as planned, weddings bring families and communities together to relax, have fun and celebrate love. Not often do we think of disasters nor tragedies in the midst of wedding planning, but in the last week our state of Colorado has seen the unimaginable. I never thought I would see roads or bridges washed away and people being rescued from rapidly moving rivers and overflowing streams via helicopter, but I did. There are still over 1,200 people not accounted for, some in areas with no communication or means of evacuating, and some simply unable to get a hold of loved ones. Not only have people’s homes and cars been destroyed, but their wedding venues, bridal gowns, and other important pieces of their special wedding day have been completely washed away.

With much tragedy, often much love and compassion comes from surrounding community. This disaster is no different. We work closely with a wedding photographer, Sarah Roshan, who has put her entire life on hold to can help couples whose wedding has been effected by the storms, to make sure they still get the wedding of their dreams. On her own time, and on her own dime, she has called venues to see if they are under water damage, or to see if they have available dates to offer to couples who have been misplaced due to the flooding. She is working with vendors such as photographers, caterers and bridal salons to do whatever she can to make these couples’ weddings a success. Sarah has called this “Save My Colorado Wedding.”

I am proud to say The Bridal Collection has reached out to Save My Colorado Wedding and will help out in any way we can.  Thankfully we have not had any flooding issues, and all of our dresses are safe and dry. We pray and hope all those who are missing will be found, and that no more casualties arise from this devastating storm. We hope you have the wedding of your dreams, because everyone deserves that.


-Sales Manager