A Mother-Daughter Memory

By TBC on September 30, 2013
It truly is a privilege to help take care of someone when they are looking for their wedding dress. Their wedding is the most important day of their life, and we have the honor of helping them choose what they will wear on that day. Many women have dreamed of their wedding day since they were small children. Never once in my life could I imagine the two most important people in my life, my parents, not being there on my wedding day. I am one of the lucky ones, where I had both of my parents and my husband’s parents there on our wedding day. 

I met a bride the other day who will not have that luxury. She and her mom came into The Bridal Collection to kind of play “dress up.” The bride’s mom would never see her daughter walk down the aisle, and she and her daughter knew that. Her mom was dying of cancer, and the bride wanted her mom to see her in a wedding dress. 

Never in my mind did I think she would find a dress which she and her mom would fall in love with and purchase. To me, I was a part of something more than that, not only an amazing experience, but  I was helping build a memory.  

We had so much fun picking out dresses. We had everything from big and poofy, slim fitting, dramatic, to  just lovely. We played with accessories, so they could see the whole picture. I wanted to give them the very best experience possible, something no one could ever take away from this bride. Once she found a dress which they both loved, I switched my role from bridal stylist to wedding photographer.  I think I took about fifty pictures of these two women, holding hands, looking in the mirror, hugging, anything I could think of to make the most of these memories. 

At that time, the bride looked over to me and told me this was her dress. Her mother agreed, it was perfect. Then her mom looked at me, and asked, “Is this insane?”  Before I could even answer my bride said, “No, mom it’s not insane.  If you won’t be there with me on my wedding day, I want to wear the dress that you love and that we picked out together.”  Talk about gut wrenching.  How could I argue with that? 

I spoke with my bride a few weeks ago to learn that her mother had passed. At this time she placed the order for her dress she found with her mother. 

Weddings can be so joyous, but I imagine they also can be hard on those who have certain loved ones no longer with us. I am just so blessed that I could be a part of this amazing experience, and that this bride will forever have memories of picking out her wedding dress with her mom. This is only one of the many reasons why I love my job of helping women find the most special garment they will ever wear.

My deepest condolences to the bride and her family. You have no idea the footprints you have left on my heart. 


– Sales Manager