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By TBC on July 10, 2018
denver bridal store - why every bride needs a stylist

+Our expert stylist, Melissa, shares why every bride needs a stylist!


Congratulations – you’re engaged!  Time to start planning the wedding.  If the thought of that overwhelms you, don’t worry – there are all kinds of experts that want to help bring your wedding vision to life. A wedding planner can help you with choices like venue, florist, caterer, DJ and much more.  As awesome and helpful as planners are, their services aren’t free. However, you hire them for their knowledge and experience — so why wouldn’t you want that kind of knowledge when it comes to your wedding gown?

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With technology these days you can shop — and even order — your dress online. So you start looking and looking and looking.  You spend hours on Pinterest, which offers pictures galore but not much information about price, designers or where to try on the dress.  You google wedding dresses and find yourself in a sea of styles, silhouettes and words like horsehair, bustle and tulle. Before you give up completely, why not seek out an expert – a bridal stylist.  Guess what? Shhhh – they’re free! That’s right – all their knowledge is just one appointment away. Stylists can answer all of your questions and educate you about all those fancy words.


Finding the right wedding dress is not as simple as people think, and stylists want to guide you to THE gown.  We’ll help you determine the best fit for you, the right fabric, designers you will like, and we’ll keep it in budget.  We’ll even help manage your entourage and make sure your voice is heard. As a bridal stylist with seven years of experience, I can honestly say that I just want to help you look and feel amazing by finding the wedding dress of your dreams, and I know my coworkers feel the same way.  


At The Bridal Collection, we also want wedding dress shopping to be a fun and celebratory event with those who mean the most to you so let us take the stress out of the appointment with our expertise, beautiful shop and kind staff.  We’ve been helping Rocky Mountain brides for nearly 20 years so we know how to make magic happen.


As bridal stylists, we’re truly invested in you and your happiness. There is nothing better than getting pictures of our beautiful, happy brides as they start a new chapter in their life.  For some, a wedding dress may just be a garment, but for us, it’s a celebration of a moment that changes your world for the better and we’re thrilled to be a part of it!

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Photos courtesy of Melissa Hirsch Photography.