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By TBC on March 27, 2018
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Written by Jordan Ensminger, Creative Director

Like Coco Chanel’s pearls or Carrie Bradshaw’s Manolo’s, accessories can be just as iconic as the women who wear them. These little finishing touches can change your entire look and define your wedding day style. We love using jackets, hair pieces and veils to give gowns a unique twist exclusive to each bride. Using a simple, crepe sheath gown by Martina Liana, we changed the style from boho to traditional to vintage with just a few simple bridal accessories.

simple sheath wedding dress


One of my favorite ways to change the style of a gown is using removable jackets and tops. I love the idea of wearing the Tyler tank at the reception for a fun boho twist to a simple gown. The Mila long sleeve lace jacket is perfect for a romantic touch while the James jacket adds a modern couture feel. All these pieces were designed by Martina Liana to mix and match, creating something unique and personal for your wedding day style.

denver bridal accessories


The veil is the most defining accessory in a wedding. It’s the only thing you can put on with PJ’s and everyone who sees you knows…”she’s getting married today!” The perfect veil can make you feel as much of a bride as the perfect gown does. And just like your grandmother’s pearls, a stunning veil can be passed down for generations.

denver bridal veils

When most people think of a vintage veil, they immediately think of the birdcage veil, but my favorite vintage veils are the full styles from the 50’s and 60’s. They give gowns such a fun and fresh look, and paired with a classic string of pearls, you can take a modern gown back a few decades. The Beale veil by Veil Trends is a full, six layer cut edge style reminiscent of Liz Taylor or Marilyn Monroe.

Long veils tend to be my personal favorite, however. I love how a long veil drapes behind you as you walk, highlighting your silhouette on your way to the altar. The veil helps set the tone for your dress style, and a long veil always adds that romantic and dramatic flair.

You can create more of a boho vibe with a soft Spanish tulle like Toni Federici’s Espana veil or go totally timeless with a lace edged veil such as the Carnation by Veil Trends.  The right veil not only completes your look, it defines your style as a bride.


denver bridal headpieces

Whether you want to feel like a woodland princess or a vintage movie star, there is a headpiece for every style. The tiara is one of the most classic bridal headpieces outside of the veil. Once reserved only for princesses, now anyone can feel regal when wearing one. Toni Federici’s pearl and crystal spun tiara is subtle enough for a modern princess like Meghan Markle, and pairs perfectly with dropped pearl earrings.

For a more ethereal vibe, Bel Aire Bridal’s hair vine with pearls, gold leaves and greenery takes the floral crown to a whole other level. You can wear the vine towards the back for a organic finish to your veil, or like a headband for a vintage boho look.

If you are looking for something a little more bold, I love a fascinator. You can style them to be more vintage or modern depending on the gown you wear. Feathers and florals are my favorite type of fascinator and the Cambridge by Veil Trends combines the two. Pair it with a full veil for a vintage style or wear without a veil for a modern feel. 

Like the veil, a headpiece can be passed down through friends and family. You can wear it on wedding anniversaries, or loan it to friends as their something borrowed.


denver bridal belts

Sashes and bridal belts are a great way to personalize your wedding gown. You can add sparkle or lace with tie of a knot and completely change the way the gown looks. They not only bring the waist in and highlight your curves, they can be that special touch that completes your dress. The Jericho sash by Veil Trends is a unique look with rose gold beadwork and flowers that adds a rustic elegant touch to a lace gown or makes a statement with a simple gown. For more of a glam feel, Allure’s charmeuse and Swarovski crystal embellished belt brings the bling in. But never forget the power of simplicity. Sometimes all you need is a different texture, and a fabulous bow to make a statement.

Accessories are often the last thing we think of for our wedding even though they are incredibly important.  Like in our everyday wardrobes, the right earrings or belt can make or break your outfit. For your wedding gown, they can change the style, feeling, and tone of your dress. These pieces can be passed down or borrowed out, and often becoming the favorite part of your dress. And like Jackie O’s sunglasses, the right accessories are iconic.

Special thanks to Janae at Elevate Photography for the beautiful accessory images.