TikTok, But Make It Bridal

By TBC on August 18, 2022
Bridal TikTok at The Bridal Collection in Denver, Colorado

When the world shut down in 2020, and everyone stayed home for months on end, brides felt defeated. Weddings from all over the world were cancelled or rescheduled, and all of the fun with wedding planning took a pause. At the same time, TikTok found its way into many homes. It didn’t just give a voice to the younger generation, it established a platform for bridal stores, wedding planners, and most importantly, BRIDES to dive back into the celebration of love. As most brides-to-be know, as soon as you search for something pertaining to bridal on TikTok, your “for you” page is saturated with anything and everything wedding related. What makes this innovation so amazing for the bridal world? How will it continue to benefit brides in the long run? Here at The Bridal Collection, TikTok is one of our favorite ways to engage with our brides for a variety of reasons.

1. An Intimate and Personal Perspective

Really for anything pertaining to weddings, TikTok challenges us at The Bridal Collection to not just share our wedding dresses with the world, but share the stories behind our dresses. We have curated some of the most fun and unique videos to show off our collection of gowns. This allows brides to see these dresses in a new light and better understand what makes each dress so beautiful. Brides (and non-brides alike) can interact with the videos, seeing how wedding dresses flow in motion and fit from a more “realistic” viewpoint.

2. Relatability

Maybe F•RIENDS is your favorite television show, or perhaps Taylor Swift is a top artist in your Spotify playlist. We make TikToks that show you which wedding dresses each character of FRIENDS would wear on their big day, in addition to the wedding style that describes different Taylor Swift songs. Have an idea for us? Let us know!

3. Education

Who doesn’t love a good hack or two for your wedding day? We have learned a lot about wedding dress tips and tricks through the imagination of our viewers. In exchange, our vast industry knowledge proves to be some of our most popular TikToks for brides-to-be. Bridal TikTok has become one of the most trending resources for information.

4. Feedback

Across all social media platforms, we are able to better understand what brides are seeking. However, TikTok is clearly dominating the market. According to Hootsuite, more than 50% of TikTok users are inspired to shop for what they see on the platform. That means that we rely on the feedback that we receive to ensure that our wedding dress collection is inclusive and curated for all brides. We hand select each dress we use in our TikTok videos; if there’s a specific dress you would like to see, let us know!

5. Innovation

At The Bridal Collection, we aren’t just sharing TikToks hoping one of our dresses will be a perfect fit for you. New styles are always emerging, and TikTok videos portray these trends in a new light. Many of our dress designers closely pay attention and seek design inspiration designs through Bridal TikTok. 

6. More Than Wedding Dresses

There are so many stages of life that we serve and style, including bridal, mother of the bride or groom, flower girls, debutantes, pageants, quinceañeras, prom, homecoming, black tie events, galas, and more. For special occasions, we have a separate TikTok account. Want to find a dress that describes what kind of mother of the bride you will be? We have an entire series of mother’s dress videos! Our TikTok account makes it easy (and fun) for anyone to become their most stylish and beautiful self!

The Bridal Collection TikTok Plus Size Wedding Dresses Same Dress Different Sizes

Fun Fact

Did you know that The Bridal Collection was the first bridal shop to show the same wedding dress on different size bodies?

Justin Alexander TikTok Justin Alexander Estelle Wedding Dress Justin Alexander Strapless Wedding Dress Simple Wedding Dress

Fun + Helpful

Justin Alexander showcases a unique feature of a new arrival – a built-in bustle!

TikTok emerged in the bridal world when brides needed to lift their spirits the most. We have been able to take our creativity to a new level and incorporate videos across all of our platforms. This video presence will not be going anywhere, as it has become one of the best tools to use while planning a beautiful wedding that magically portrays your love story. At The Bridal Collection, we continue to strive for TikTok creations that make viewers smile, laugh, and feel excited about the wedding dress shopping journey. Check out our Bridal TikTok and Instagram accounts to see which videos of ours are your favorite.