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By TBC on October 21, 2016
travis broxton girls getting ready for wedding day

Photo Credit: Travis Broxton

In many cases finding the right wedding photographer is as important as finding the perfect wedding dress. You need to trust the person behind the lens to capture your wedding day exactly how you want to remember it. Photographers all have various styles and techniques, as well as experience. Therefore, you want to make sure you contract the one who sees your vision that same as you.

Our Recommendation

At The Bridal Collection, we have had a very long-standing relationship with one of the finest wedding photographers in the business. Travis Broxton, who currently is self-proclaimed “semi-native” of Colorado, continues to produce some of the wedding industry’s most prolific images.

Travis Broxton and His Experience

travis broxton wedding aisle

Photo Credit: Travis Broxton

A world photographer, Broxton has shot weddings from Colorado mountain tops and the beaches of Mexico, to a chateau in France and a castle in England. Broxton’s photography has been featured in The Knot, Colorado Bride, Florida Bride, London Bride, Denver Reign, and Grace Ormond Wedding Style.

Broxton’s Perspective

Braxton’s ability to capture the most poignant moments of the wedding day is evident in his dynamic and profound images. His love, as he describes on his website, is the organized chaos of getting ready; the shoes and special wedding day details; the quiet and romantic moments between the bride and groom; and the great parties filled with family and friends. As a result, his talent captures the artistry behind the day, not a mere documentation of a series of events.

travis broxton aspen colorado wedding

Photo Credit: Travis Broxton

The Bridal Collection’s Relationship

Over the years Travis Broxton has done many shoots for The Bridal Collection. We have adored our working relationship with him and the value he has brought not only to our store but personally with our families. If you are looking to hire the right photographer and you just have not found the one yet, make sure to contact Travis Broxton about your wedding. If his experience and renowned publication have not wowed you yet, let some of his favorite images inspire you.

travis boron wedding dress in the windows

Photo Credit: Travis Broxton

travis brixton rings on a flower petal

Photo Credit: Travis Broxton

travis broxton high heel wedding shoes

Photo Credit: Travis Broxton

travis broxton table setting

Photo Credit: Travis Broxton


travis broxton beach wedding

Photo Credit: Travis Broxton


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