Wedding Day Survival Kit | A Note From The Sewing Room

By TBC on July 11, 2017
wedding day survival kit

The Bridal Collection’s expert seamstresses put together a list of must-haves for Colorado brides on their wedding day:


Unscented Dryer Sheets – Dryer sheets are a girl’s best friend on her wedding day.  In addition to being used as a static eliminator for hair and dresses, they can also be used as bug repellent and as a foot odor eater.

Baby Wipes – These are great for quick spot treatment and stain removing.  Blot at the stain and try to feather out the edges so you don’t make a hard ring.  They also work for makeup removal, shining shoes, deodorant mark remover, and a host of other small cleaning needs.

Clear Nail Polish – Apply a small amount to runs in stockings, at ends of ribbons to prevent fraying, as a liquid band aid, and, in a pinch, as glue.

crochet_hook_bridal_kitSafety Pins – Medium-sized safety pins work great for everything from popped bustle points to falling pant hems to missing buttons.

Baby Powder – If you are nervous about your legs rubbing together or sticking, rub some powder on before dressing.   Also if you have a white dress, a little powder can cover small spots.  Also works for odor in shoes. You can buy crochet hooks at stores like JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby.

Size G Crochet Hook – For dresses with buttons up the back, the hook will help you get the loops closed over the buttons quickly and efficiently .  Also, they can help if you have a traditional bustle to hook the loop over the buttons.

Nail Clippers – Besides the obvious, nail clippers can be used to cut and file other items, and can even become an emergency screwdriver.

We’d love to hear what you would add to our Wedding Day Survival Kit.

Photos by Mallory Munson Photography