How to Choose a Denver Wedding Coordination Package | Guest Blog

By TBC on May 2, 2018
denver wedding coordination

Lo here from TGE Events (The Gardner Effect) to breakdown the different types of coordination packages that are available. We come across couples that are a bit confused between different terms we use in our industry for the types of services that we offer when it comes to coordinating an event. I thought it would be helpful to talk through these differences on the blog today


Day of Event Coordination:

When you hear someone say they do “Day of Coordination” what does that mean? Strictly day of entails no prep work from the coordinators end before the day. They don’t attend the final walkthrough, they don’t confirm vendors for you so vendor management is taken care by you, but they can be the day of contact. They come to your event venue ready to set-up, execute your event and normally leave once things get going. Very helpful when you want to spend time with family and friends instead of worrying about the other items.


Month of Coordination:

The difference between day of and month of is the prep work before hand. We specialize in month of coordination which means we do attend the final walkthrough, produce all the documents needed for the day (timeline, layout, vendor sheet…), confirm your vendors and become the vendor manager on site for the day. This type of package still includes all the set-up, full execution of your event but also includes the last hour of tear down that the majority of venues expect. In addition to all that, most coordinators also help run the rehearsal the day before, which is a great add on. I feel this is the best option for couples looking to have a stress-free event. You can have faith in whoever your coordinator is because they have been with you and included in all the event decisions made up to the big day.


Full Planning:

This final package really means that your coordinator helps you with EVERYTHING you need to produce a great event. They help pick out your venue, vendors, design the event, plan the rehearsal dinner, care packages for the hotel rooms, invitations, website….I could really go on forever with how they help you plan your day. When it comes to event day, they are there for whatever you need like the month of, set-up, event execution and tear down. Some coordinating companies have a ton of add-ons that when combined are pretty close to Full Planning but this last option is in a world of its own. Great for out of state couples or couples that have no time to attend all the meetings it takes to put together an event.


So there they are. All the types of coordination packages and a brief breakdown of what to expect when hiring a coordinator for your big day. I know I might be biased, but if you are throwing an event, hire a coordinator!! I pinky promise it will make your day run so smoothly and allow you to focus on family, friends and the fun of your event.