Tips, Tricks, & Trends from Elite Beauty Co.

By TBC on February 26, 2019
elite beauty co

Elite Beauty Co. is an on location makeup and hair artistry team providing a stress-free, pampering experience for Bride and all her ladies.

With over 10 years experience, the Elite Beauty Co. team would like to share their most requested tips, tricks, and trends to make your BIG day nothing short of amazing!

Ladies, let’s talk about organization!  Booking your hair and makeup team several months prior to your wedding date will guarantee that you portray your true self. Giving yourself plenty of time to trial and decide your look is so important!  We recommend 6 – 12 months prior to your wedding day for booking your beauty team.

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Other popular questions asked are when to wax or receive facials prior to wedding? For waxing or threading the brows, 3-5 days before wedding, and for facials, getting 2-3 before, every 4 weeks or so. Due to the PH level of your skin that changes when you wax or start receiving professional facials,  an uproar can occur,  causing pesky breakouts, as well as preventing the makeup to adhere to the skin properly. Our team recommends that you communicate closely with your dermatologist or aesthetician to best achieve your wedding day glow!

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As important as makeup is, so is the crown on your head!  Caresse recommends to communicate closely with your hairstylist as well as your wedding hair expert when deciding the style you want to achieve for your SPECIAL day. Having your color done a week prior is always best, as it gives your hair plenty of time to naturally tone and let your fresh cut soften up. Another big tip is to wash your hair the night before wedding. We want fresh dirty hair, that is clean, but with a little bit of natural oils. Sometimes when the hair is too oily and hasn’t been washed for 3 plus days, it becomes too oily to curl and this can create problems. Ask your bridal party to please have dry hair the day of to ensure the scheduled timeline is properly met. 

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Cynthia can not stress enough how important skin care is for your wedding day!  If you are not already doing so, please begin with a good skin care regimen, 6-12 months prior to wedding.  Living in Colorado, with our climate is very unforgiving for our skin!  Some tips that help, use a moisturizer with an SPF, Sunscreen is so very important if you are going to be out in the sun!  Drink lots of water so you’re are well hydrated, be sure to use a good lip balm/chapstick, and exfoliate lips 2-3 times a week, using eye drops will prevent dry, red eyes.  Be sure to get lots of rest leading up to wedding day!  Stay true to yourself when selecting your wedding day makeup!  Looking like yourself and not someone different is very important!  Most of my brides want a natural look, so my goal is to achieve a natural look, but enhance those beautiful features.  Only individual false lashes are used, as they provide a natural look, while enhancing eyes for photos.         

Following some of the above tips will help you and your wedding party have a wonderful, unforgettable, and beautiful day!