Take It From the Seamstress #1- Treat Yourself to Comfort!

By TBC on February 19, 2019
take it from the seamstress

As a store with an internal alterations department, we have the privilege of watching the entire process as the bride chooses a dress, goes about her engagement,  returns for fittings, and eventually, walks down the aisle! We love being there every step of the way.

We also love that we have expert seamstresses available to answer questions that you may have.  Two of the most common questions we get is, what shoes should I wear and what undergarments do you recommend?  Stylist Natalie sat down with Abby, one of our alternations managers, to answer both of these questions.

​So let’s talk shoes…

Whether you want to be classy, elegant, bohemian, or rustic, the comfortability of your shoes can often determine how the entire day will go. No matter your style, “comfort is key,” says Abby, one of our Alterations Managers here at The Bridal Collection.

​The two most prominent footwear designer brands we carry are Badgley Mischka and Angela Nuran. Both are excellent options for bridal footwear and here’s why…

Badgley Mischka– As Love and Lavender, a popular bridal blogger stated, “An investment in a pair of Badgley Mischka wedding shoes might be one of the best splurges you’ll ever make in your life.” Badgley shoes are trademarked by beautifully patterned rhinestones on the toe or on the heel of each shoe. With fabulously beautiful shoes, Badgley Mischka offers a collection that is both timeless and comfortable.

Angela Nuran– This shoe collection is a perfect blend of high-end class and affordable comfortability. The initial designer is a woman who spent many years teaching dance lessons to couples preparing for their wedding. As a professional dancer herself, her heart went out to the women trying to dance in fashionable, but painfully uncomfortable shoes. With this in mind, Nuran offers shoes that are arguably the most comfortable in the bridal industry. Furthermore, Nuran believes in being able to wear the shoes for all kinds of events and thus offers the option to send in your shoes to be dyed to the color of your choosing. This is a great plus for brides who want matching bridesmaids shoes, brides who want a unique color pop for their own shoes, or who want to rewear the shoes later on!

For brides who are on a budget, there is often the thought that if they just get taller heels, they may be able to get away without paying for a hem for their gown. However, Alterations Manager, Abby, strongly recommends against this idea. Wearing such tall, uncomfortable shoes all day is NOT worth the money you would save on opting out of a hem. That said, Abby also does not recommend the idea of wearing heels and expecting to change into flats for the reception. “Choose shoes you can imagine wearing for 11-12 hours because likely, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing!”

To determine if your shoes are the comfort level you are looking for, Abby recommends vacuuming the house while wearing the shoes. This is the best way to break them in and you get the full range of motion without causing potential damage to the shoes. No matter what direction you are stepping in, you want the shoes to support you the whole day. So if you cannot vacuum the house with those shoes, you may need to consider another pair.

Now let’s talk underwear …

To ensure no lines on your big day, you can obviously go commando, but if you prefer undergarments, make sure you consider the style and and fabric of your dress.  Two brands we love are Shibue, which offers no-line coverage when it comes to panties and breast petals, and Spanx by Sara Blakely, which offers excellent seamless shapewear.  

​We encourage you to wear what makes you feel beautiful, confident, and, of course, comfortable. You deserve comfort on your wedding day so treat yourself to the most beautiful and comfortable undergarments you can find.  We suggest that you figure out what your best options are before beginning your alterations.

If you are interested in trying out any of these products to enhance your wedding day, feel free to schedule an appointment at The Bridal Collection specifically for shoes and undergarments. We would love to help you find the most comfortable and functional options!