Whether you and your boo share a pet or you’ve always dreamed of walking down the aisle with your childhood furry friend, there are so many ways to include your pet on your wedding day. From dogs and cats to the more unexpected creatures (like horses, goats, and chickens!), you’ll be surprised at how many creative ways you can incorporate these four-legged friends on your big day.

First, one of the more obvious ways to include your pet is during the wedding ceremony. We’ve seen many dogs (and even cats!) act as a flower girl or ring bearer. Has there ever been a more perfect excuse to dress up your fur baby in a tuxedo or flower wreath? The pictures will be priceless!

If you don’t want the hassle of coordinating a caretaker for your pet, there are still ways to get epic wedding photos with animals. In fact, there are a few Colorado wedding venues that have animals on-site — perfect for photo ops. Everett Ranch Weddings and The Lyons Farmette have a plethora of different animals, from adorable alpacas to goats and even chickens! Devil’s Thumb Ranch has a stunning herd of horses and, if you’re lucky, you may catch a few photos with them majestically running in the background.

Whether or not you decide to include your pet on your wedding day, it’s hard to argue that there is anything cuter. To celebrate #NationalPetDay, we wanted to share a few of our brides with pets at weddings!

kittens at wedding

Photo: Autumn Cutaia Photography https://autumncutaia.com

weimeraner puppy at wedding

Photo: Carrie King Photographer https://www.carriekingphotography.com/

horses at wedding

Photo: Cassidy Brooke http://cassidybrooke.com/

dachsunds at wedding

Photo: In Photography CO http://www.inphotography.net/

corgi at wedding

Photo: Kind Honey Photography http://www.kindhoneyphotography.com/

horse and bride

Photo: Kind Honey Photography http://www.kindhoneyphotography.com/

Photo: Lizzie and Marco http://lizzieandmarco.com

golden retriever at wedding

Photo: Paige Jones Photography http://paigejones.us/

bride holding chicken

Photo: Red Aspen Photography http://redaspenphotography.com/

Photo: Sara Lynn Photo https://saralynnphoto.com/

alpaca wedding

Photo: Sarah Roshan https://sarahroshan.com/


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