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By TBC on January 13, 2018
the pinery at the hill wedding

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“Just Friends”

Jennell and Forrest met at Peterson Air Force Base, near Colorado Springs, in 2014 while both were on active duty and living in the same dormitory. They had seen each other often, but neither of them got around to making a move and striking up a conversation – even though they both secretly wanted to. One evening, while hanging out with their friends in the picnic area, they both noticed the other occasionally staring. Jennell decided she was finally going to make her move. She walked over to Forrest and asked if he had a phone. Looking at her like she was crazy, he handed her his phone.  Smiling, she added herself as a contact. It took a whopping five minutes before she received a text from him.

Before long, the two were inseparable. After spending every free moment together, their friends began calling them boyfriend and girlfriend (which they always denied). Finally, after 6 months of going to church together and having too many lunch outings to count, it was clear there was something more than a friendship. Forrest asked Jennell to be his girlfriend, and the rest is history!

A Colorado Proposal

While Jennell’s mom was visiting, they all went to Maroon Bells in Aspen – somewhere they’ve always wanted to experience. They woke up early and piled into the car to see the Maroon Bells at sunrise. It was the most breathtaking view they’d ever seen! After taking photos and admiring the picturesque mountain range, they headed back to their AirBnb. Forrest seemed a little off – he told Jennell it was probably because he was so tired from waking up early. Despite being so “tired”, he suggested they go back again the next day at sunrise, since they visit Aspen so infrequently. Jennell’s mom opted to stay and sleep in (she was on vacation, after all!), so it would just be the two of them.

Jennell and Forrest made the 40 minute drive back to the Maroon Bells before sunrise. As they snapped more photos in the freezing cold, Forrest asked a passerby to take a photo of the two of them. After handing over the camera, Forrest dropped down onto one knee to propose! Shivering in the cold, he opened the little ring box. Jennell was overjoyed to say “Yes!”. It was such a happy moment that they almost forgot about the frigid temperature. Later on, Forrest admitted that he was going to propose the first day, but he waited so it would be an intimate moment with just the two of them.

The Perfect Wedding Dress

Jennell’s mom and future mother-in-law flew out to Colorado to help her search for her wedding dress. As you know, every bride has an image in her mind of what she will wear on her wedding day. Jennell’s vision was long sleeved and lace. Arriving at The Bridal Collection, Jennell was excited and ready to find her dream dress. After meeting with her stylist, she began trying on dresses with long sleeves and all kinds of lace. While she was having a blast trying on dress after dress, she started to feel overwhelmed. Each dress was beautiful, but none felt like “the one”.

One wild card dress ended up in her dressing room – “Claire” from the Kathryn Elizabeth collection. It didn’t have long sleeves and there was minimal lace, nothing like her initial vision. Jennell isn’t even sure how it ended up in her room, but at this point it wouldn’t hurt to try. The saying, “you’ll just know” was so true for Jennell. The moment she put on the dress and walked out to show her entourage, she just knew. It was an unexplainable feeling; she was overcome with happy emotions. As a thank you for her service, Jennell received The Bridal Collection’s military discount.

She kept her wedding dress top secret from her fiancé so it would be a total surprise on their wedding day. He loved it – making her love it even more! Jennell was so thankful she had the “you’ll just know” moment every bride dreams of while shopping for a dress, making it the perfect dress for her wedding day.


Venue: The Pinery at the Hill

Wedding Dress: Kathryn Elizabeth from The Bridal Collection

Photographer: Celeste Sandoval with Whimzy Photography

Flowers: The Pinery Floral Shop

Cake: The Pinery Pastry Team