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By TBC on January 6, 2018
colorado bridal bouquet at grant-humphrey's mansion wedding

Cristina and Roman celebrated the start of their life together at their stunning Grant-Humphrey’s Mansion wedding.

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The Proposal

One year around Christmas time, Cristina and Roman took a trip to the East Coast to visit Roman’s family and New York City. She had never met his family or been to the city, so naturally she was nervous and excited all at once. After arriving, they spent the first few days meeting friends and family in Pennsylvania (where he grew up), then headed to the Big Apple for New Year’s Eve. It couldn’t have been more romantic, especially with the city was dressed up for the holidays. The first night, they went on a gorgeous yacht and watched fireworks bursting over the Statue of Liberty. For the next two days, they explored the city, eating the most incredible food. At this point, Cristina was convinced that Roman was not going to propose on this trip, because it would have happened already!

For their last day in the city, the two planned to meet his family for ice skating at Rockefeller Center. He seemed to rush through the entire day, always being a little on edge. After dinner with his family at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., the group made their way to the skating rink. They skated for an hour before an announcement was made that the ice had to be cleared. Cristina is a rule follower, so she immediately headed for the exit. Roman grabbed her and brought her to the center of the rink in front of the well-known Christmas tree. Starting to get irritated that they were breaking the rules, Cristina asked what in the world he was doing?! Roman answered, “I am just lovin’ you”…right as “Thinking Out Loud” started playing over the speakers. As he got down on one knee in the center of the ice, Cristina finally realized he was proposing! She said “Yes” in front of thousands of people! Even after all the hints, decoys, and nerves, she didn’t realize, until the moment she saw Roman holding a ring, that this trip would change her life forever.

The Dress

After a week of trying on way too many wedding dresses, Cristina found herself frustrated that she couldn’t find the right one. When she arrived at The Bridal Collection and met with her bridal stylist, she explained what she was looking for in a wedding gown. After trying on a handful of dresses, the frustration returned. How was she trying on so many beautiful dresses, yet none of them felt right? The compliments from her entourage didn’t match what was going on in Cristina’s mind as she looked in the mirror at each dress.

Recognizing Cristina’s frustration, her bridal stylist pulled her aside, assuring her that she would find the perfect dress. There was one more dress she needed to try, even though it was strapless and lace (which she originally said wasn’t her vision). Agreeing to give it a shot, her stylist brought out an incredible Justin Alexander with a strapless sweetheart neckline and lace bodice. Loving the blush tone of the dress, Cristina put it on. Immediately, this dress felt different than all of the others. As she walked out of her dressing room, the reactions of her mother and friends solidified her feelings. It was everything she didn’t know she wanted!

Married Adventures

Roman and Cristina have a sweet puppy named Bubba Gump and a kitten named Forrest, paying homage to one of his favorite movies and the place they dined at in NYC the night they were engaged. Travel has been a big part of married life, with exploring the world together the most exciting adventure yet. Trying new restaurants and eating together is their favorite hobby. Although seemingly opposite,  his love of racing and all things cars and her love of reading and Harry Potter, have complimented each other creating their own new world.  Both Roman and Cristina have been in viral YouTube videos and their proposal video has thousands of views! One day, they hope to start a YouTube channel dedicated to documenting their RV travels, their favorite foods, and, of course, their much loved pets, Bubba Gump and Forrest.


Dress Designer: Justin Alexander

Bridal Shop: The Bridal Collection

Photography: Lizzie + Marco Randazzo 

Video: Nick Siegel and Bryce Weatherford 

Venue: Grant-Humphreys Mansion (TBC brides love this venue!)

Catering: Colorado Catering Co. and Whole Foods Market

DJ: The DJ Connection

Wedding Coordinator: Sandy Blaylock

Stationary: Jennifer Szaltzer