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By TBC on December 30, 2017
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Two Worlds Collide

Tyler and Shelby were, in many ways, fated to cross paths – specifically a yellow brick road. Tyler had been Shelby’s older sister’s theater student while they were in high school. They both grew up in the Centennial area, and later realized they frequented many of the same places. On top of that, their fathers happened to work together at the same car dealership. While their lives always had a thin thread connecting them, they first knowingly crossed paths five years ago when Shelby’s oldest sister asked Tyler to design a set for a play that Shelby was assistant directing.

At the time, they were both finishing up college. Shelby’s sister always talked about Tyler as if they knew each other, and she kept having to remind her that they had yet to meet. They finally met when Shelby’s sister suggested they all go to dinner together. Shelby’s sister and Tyler were late, which was extremely frustrating. However, everything changed the moment they walked in and Shelby made eye contact with Tyler.

Even though Tyler was going to college in Wyoming, one thing led to another and Shelby found an excuse to make the two hour drive to drop off something he had forgotten. Unsure if Tyler shared her interest, Shelby knew it was worth the drive to find out. That night, they grabbed dinner and Tyler took her to an old iron train bridge. As they stood there, trains rushing under them, she was certain he would make a move. When nothing happened, she accepted that he just wasn’t interested. As they walked up the stairs back at his house, he grabbed her hand and pulled her in for a kiss. Shelby exclaimed, “You should have done that on the bridge!” He laughed and agreed. For their first official date, Tyler took her back to that bridge to kiss her again.

How He Asked

After living together for two years, Shelby and Tyler bought their first home. Once they were settled in, Shelby started to get antsy about the next step in their relationship. One day in May, Tyler made plans for the two of them to go on a special date night, since he was leaving for a few months for work. She had a suspicion that he might pop the question, but was not sure. After they sat down to dinner at Bistro Vendome, a waiter came around with champagne, explaining that it was for an engagement in the restaurant. Shelby got excited, but Tyler was baffled. He started reaching into his coat pocket when they heard someone clinking a glass behind them. At the next table, a man stood to announce his new engagement to the woman he was with and that he had ordered champagne for all to join in the celebration. The look on Tyler’s face was complete shock. He said, “Well, now that that guy has stolen my thunder, I guess I should just do it.” He got down on one knee and asked Shelby to marry him, revealing the most beautiful lavender sapphire ring – the one she was hoping he would choose!

Once it was official, they jumped straight into wedding planning. Tyler told Shelby he knew she would want ruby slippers for their wedding. She says, ”I have always loved the Wizard of Oz, since I was a girl. It holds a special place in my heart as a life motto. ‘Just follow the yellow brick road’. You have to trust your path and that your road will take you where you are meant to go. And my road lead me to Tyler, an amazing man who will laugh with me, support me and love me every day”. So began their journey to Oz.

An Oz-Worthy Gown

The most important part of bringing her Oz wedding fantasy to life was finding the balance between inspired and themed, without getting tacky. Shelby didn’t want costumes, rather she dreamed of representations of key characters and places. Dorothy would never have made it back home without her 4 companions, so their bridesmaids and groomsmen took on the colors of each character. Tyler was to represented home, her other half, so they both went with red and blue. Shelby wanted the vintage feel of the movie as well, so that was key in planning the attire.

Once the idea was there, it was time to find the perfect dress. Shelby’s sister-in-law and bridesmaid wore a wedding dress from The Bridal Collection for her wedding and loved her entire experience, so Shelby knew she needed to stop there. At a previous bridal shop, she found a pretty dress, but it was missing a lot of the details she wanted. She walked into The Bridal Collection with a vision – a lace, off the shoulder dress with a high-low, 50’s style skirt to show off her ruby red slippers. Immediately, Shelby’s bridal stylist understood her vision and began the search for an Oz-worthy wedding dress. Before long, her stylist Erin paired a strapless a-line wedding dress with a lace, off the shoulder jacket, then added the perfect sky blue sash to tie in the Dorothy inspiration. Like magic, Shelby’s vision had come to life. Once her dress arrived, she had it fitted perfectly during alterations, adding the custom high-low detail to the hem. She could hardly wait to wear it on her wedding day.

Emerald City Celebration

The two decided to get married in Zion National Park after falling in love with the park during an anniversary trip. The breathtaking beauty and wonderful memories would be perfect for their Oz wedding.

After months of planning, the day finally came – and it was perfect. When Shelby turned the corner toward the ceremony aisle, everything seemed to slow down. As she gazed at her husband-to-be and walked her ruby red slippers down the yellow runner, her sister and friend sang an acapella version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. During that moment, Shelby knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that this was her path. Her whole yellow brick journey through life has been leading her here, to her other half.

After reading their own beautiful, emotional vows to one another, they were pronounced husband and wife then rode away in a white mustang. After that, it was time to celebrate. Their reception was an Emerald City dream come true, with everything clad in green, abundant delicious food and great music. It was the most perfect way to celebrate Shelby finding her “home” with Tyler. As Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.”

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Catering/Reception Venue: Switchback Grille
Planning: Kristen Marriot
Makeup: Chantel Brown Stout
Hair: Bree Hansen
Photography: Soular Radiance Photography by Meghan Ralph
Entertainment: DJ Johnny Utah
Ceremony: Zion National Park
Rings: Shane Co.