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By TBC on August 18, 2018
Red Rocks Trading Post Wedding

Vintage Romance at Red Rocks

Clayton and Shannon dated for over six years, so their wedding day was a long anticipated event. They wanted their day to be special without going over the top. Since Shannon tends to get nervous in front of many people, they decided a small, intimate ceremony was the way to go. Their smaller guest list enabled the couple to spend time with everyone who came to celebrate.

The overall feel for the day was simple and elegant, with a hint of vintage. They wanted to incorporate their love for Denver and it’s natural beauty, while including the gorgeous architecture of the city as well. Before Clayton proposed to Shannon, they visited Red Rocks with some out of town friends and said it would be the perfect place to get married if it worked out. Turns out — it did!

The Perfect Tea Length Dress

When it was time to shop for a wedding dress, Shannon knew she wanted something unique with a vintage feel.  She also wanted to be able to wear the dress again (anniversary date, anyone?!). As she browsed different bridal gowns styles online, she fell madly in love with tea length dresses. Tea length wedding gowns are a more unique style, making it somewhat difficult to find in local bridal shops. After calling multiple Denver bridal stores, she learned The Bridal Collection carried a handful of tea length styles. She set an appointment for when her mom and sister were visiting from out of town. When the day finally came, it turned out to be the best day ever! Her stylist, Cathy, pulled a few options including a fabulous lace bodice and silky skirt by Martina Liana. The lace detail was romantic and sexy, while the skirt had the 1950s feel Shannon was looking for. She felt so elegant and confident! It was the perfect choice for her Red Rocks Trading Post wedding.  

Groom’s Reaction

While Shannon was over the moon about her wedding dress choice, she couldn’t help but wonder what Clayton would think about her unique style. Although deep down she knew he would love it, she found herself overthinking everything. The moment she stood in front of him at the altar, surrounded by the majestic views of Red Rocks, he whispered “You are so gorgeous!” Her heart melted even more than she thought possible! It was a moment from their big day that Shannon will never forget.

Any advice for future brides?

“I tried on dresses at 5 different bridal shops over two days while my mom and sister were visiting. This was a bit exhausting and actually TBC was the last shop on the last day of shopping. So when I tried on “The Dress” (that I did end up going with), I thought I loved it and I thought maybe it was “the one” but I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t know what I wanted anymore. Cathy, my dress consultant, was the most helpful in this overwhelming moment. She told me to go home and not think about any of the dresses, and to enjoy my time with my family. I set up a second appointment at TBC two weeks later to try on that very dress again. I needed the time to absorb all the dresses I had tried on, the different styles, and then to try this dress on a second time. Taking time to think through this process is sometimes necessary and you should not be hard on yourself if you need that time. Do not feel pressured into saying “yes to the dress” the first time you try a dress on. You will find “the dress” and you will know it even if it’s not the first time you try it on, you should know if it is “the one” the second time you try it on. You will feel pretty in it and “special”!” – Shannon

couple dancing in denvercouple walking through hotel hallway bride and groom near stained glass window tea length dress with red shoes bride and groom climbing at red rocks bridal bouquet bride and groom walking at red rocks red rocks wedding wedding cake with lego topper black and white hotel groom twirling bride


Dress Designer: Martina Liana

Bridal Shop: The Bridal Collection

Photographer: Ashley Kidder Wedding Photographer

Flowers: Kimball Floral

Ceremony: The Trading Post at Red Rocks