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Top Denver Wedding Trends

By TBC on August 15, 2018
denver wedding trends

Colorado couples want their weddings to represent who they are and provide a special experience for their guests. More people now than ever are opting for a creative touch on their special day instead of traditional themes, decor and food. Couples are interested in tailoring events to their needs in addition to expressing themselves through their wedding event. From unique textures, patterns, and foliage, these are the top 2018 Denver wedding trends.

Embrace Colorado Culture

Bringing the love of all things Colorado into the reception is a great way to celebrate not only the love of the couple but also the love of the state as well. Couples can celebrate Colorado by offering local microbrews at their weddings, using mountain peaks as table names or giving gifts from Colorado companies.  Denver and Colorado provide no shortage of inspiration for customized weddings ideas that guests will love.

colorado beer

Small Wedding Parties

Another top Denver wedding trend  is to have a smaller wedding party for both sides of the couple. In past years, it wasn’t uncommon for a bride to have up to 13 bridesmaids and more than one maid of honor. Bridal parties are starting to trend on the smaller side with one maid of honor and two or three bridesmaids.

bridal party

Wedding After Party

Although not talked about as often as the main wedding, a wedding after party is a growing trend.  Couples are planning smaller parties for those closest to them with late-night snacks and fun. Changing out of the wedding dress into a lighter, comfortable dress is preferred by many brides during the after party so they can let their hair down and relax a little more while still keeping the party going.

Unique Indoor Locations

Although outdoor weddings remain a very popular Denver wedding trend, moving indoors to unique locations is big right now. Moss Denver is an urban industrial wedding venue that was built in the early 1900s. The space allows couples to design their weddings using the building’s unique urban authenticity while providing a functional space for the event. The Lionsgate Event Center offers a grand ballroom, antique stained glass and a spectacular staircase that provides a sophisticated air to a wedding event.

indoor wedding venue


Providing a romantic glow to tables, candles enhance wedding events of any theme. Traditionally couples will choose to display ivory or pure white candles in pillars or candelabras. However, what’s trending now is to choose candles to add a pop of color.  Placing colored candles on tables or throughout the space are an easy way to add something unexpected to the decor.

Muted Dark Colors

The popular colors of choice for wedding themes can be described as “dark and moody.” Darker, detailed and highly textured floral colors. Offset by an abundance of greenery, couples are gearing towards shades of purple such as wine, mauve, lilac and lavender.

dark wedding colors

Texture is Everywhere

Couples are choosing to extenuate texture in the weddings at every turn. From tablecloths to napkins to the dance floor, texture is everywhere. Marble dance floors are making a big hit as they provide a striking contrast with the rich veins in the stone complimenting the couple’s attire and surroundings. Requesting an aerial photo shoot of the guests twirling on the marble will capture the stunning backdrop the marble creates.

wedding decor textures

Potted Plants As Aisle Decor

Garden weddings are popular among people getting hitched in Denver especially because of the breathtaking views that surround the city. Transforming aisles into a garden bed pays homage to an English garden and creates a magical feel. Place plants of varying colors, textures and heights along the aisle and wrap the pots with fabric such as silk or burlap to match the color theme of the event.

Wedding Dress

Styles of wedding dresses evolve and change over time. Some trends that are in demand are soft, romantic silhouettes from designers like Maggie Sottero. Brides are also seeking simple silhouettes with structure from designers like Justin Alexander.  Beautiful ballgowns will always be in demand for those wanting a princess-like feel.

When you’re ready to choose your bridal gown for your event, The Bridal Collection is here to fulfill your needs. Unique, beautiful and affordable, The Bridal Collection provides customer service to brides beyond expectation. Contact us today to request an appointment to find the gown of your dreams.

maggie sottero wedding dress


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