Shopping for a Wedding Dress with a Large Group in Denver

By TBC on June 11, 2023
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In 2023, Colorado brides are more confident and stronger than ever! They are willing to ask for what they want from their bridal gown shopping experience, and why shouldn’t they? Shopping for a wedding gown should be a memorable and magical experience and for a lot of Colorado brides that means shopping with larger groups of friends and family. Not all bridal stores in the Denver Metro area are built equally in terms of providing an experience for brides shopping with larger groups. Here are the top 5 reasons that brides with small groups or full-blown entourages should shop at The Bridal Collection.

Our Private Suites

The Bridal Collection is a family-owned bridal boutique, which often implies small, but this bridal shop is a whopping 18,000 square feet of pure magic, lace, and glitter. There are more than ten luxurious suites for brides and their guests. Half of the suites are completely private and the other half are semi-private. Each suite is beautifully decorated with lavish furniture that is sure to make all the bride’s guests comfortable. Every bride can confidently try on multiple wedding dresses in the comfort and privacy of their own suite and decide whether or not to share the glam with other guests in some of the public viewing areas. And let’s be real, not all of our entourage members can be trusted to always say the right thing, so the private suites serve a multitude of purposes. There are a lot of bridal stores in Denver that boast a great experience, but The Bridal Collection is the only store that is able to gift every bride with a semi-private or private suite. 


The Upgrades

Let the celebration begin! For a fairly minimal cost, any bride can upgrade their experience at TBC with food and booze. Charcuterie boards, macarons, champagne and so much more are all offered at TBC. The Bridal Collection is the leader in the full bridal gown shopping experience. The appointment times at the store range from 90 minutes to 2 hours, which is plenty of time to say yes to the dress while enjoying some bonding and relaxation time with friends and family. Buying a wedding gown can be stressful, but drinking and eating with friends and family is a ton of fun (for the most part). Brides can focus on finding the wedding dress of their dreams, and The Bridal Collection takes on the responsibility of keeping the entourage happy. 


Our Location

Downtown Denver is a real pain when you are trying to get a large group of people together. The parking alone could result in one or more grumpy guests before the appointment even gets started. The Bridal Collection is located in one of Denver’s beautiful burbs just down the street from Park Meadows Mall. The whole group can head out to Centennial, park right out front of the store (for free), and then spend the day at the local restaurants, breweries, and mall before or after dress shopping. The store’s location is perfect for some of the older wiser guests and it’s also perfect for revisits for alterations and pick-up appointments. 

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The Bridal Collection’s Team of Experts

The fact is that shopping for a wedding dress can be challenging. Brides and their guests often have differing opinions and it’s important that the bride’s unique style and vision are understood.  There are a shocking number of brides that end up in a dress that is not their favorite because of an outspoken friend or family member. This is where the TBC team becomes crucial. The Bridal Collection stylists are experts in the industry and they are professional and mature. Each bride is given a stylist, an alteration assistant, and an alterations specialist. Not to mention there are floor managers walking the bridal boutique and helping customers. They are truly in the business of making sure each and every bride leaves happy and completely satisfied with their purchase. This is sometimes a challenge, but each bride has an entire team to assist with all of the important decisions as well as help manage the opinions coming from the entourage. Request your appointment with The Bridal Collection team!


Our Legacy – Join the TBC Family

Wedding Days can feel a lot like Christmas Day, there’s a lot of work and planning that goes into them and then they are over quickly. The Bridal Collection has been in business for over twenty years so they have mastered the bridal gown shopping experience which includes creating a moment that lasts forever. With innovative marketing that includes Wedding Wednesdays (weekly social posts that highlight our brides) to Bubbles and Bling (an accessories and bubbles event), plus other annual celebrations that invite brides to come back and be a part of the TBC Family.  Your day doesn’t end once you have picked up your dress from The Bridal Collection, that’s actually just the beginning of a lifetime relationship.  Join us for an upcoming bridal event

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