Store Renovations!

By TBC on August 23, 2010
After almost ten years in business, The Bridal Collection needed a fresh look. We have been closed since Friday afternoon, tirelessly working to update the store. Stop by to see the beautifully feminine changes!

Trying to accomplish all we did in such a short time would not have been possible without an army of people working to coordinate a plan and then to implement the plan. I want to thank all of those people!
Shana Franceschini, my niece and our official designer. Shanna was responsible for the vision and the end results. It wouldn’t have happened without her!
Mark Brown, my brother and our “get it done” guy. He did all of the physical labor that was too much for us and solved several problems as they came up. I’d still be working on the project if he hadn’t helped.
And our vendors:
Sue from American Furniture Warehouse
Marie and Maria from Guiry’s for advice on wall paper and paint
Eric from Michael;s at Southlands for custom mats
Aaron Brothers from frames
JoAnn Fabric for flowers and fabric
Lowe’s for all sorts of stuff
Bed Bath and Beyond for drapes
Denver Fabrics for fabric
Linda and crew from Pinnacle for the wood floor
James from United Flooring Inc. for carpet repair
Joel and crew from Corona’s Painting for 2 long days of painting
David from Distinctive Wall Werx for wallpapering
And the ladies at The Bridal Collection, especially Lynn and Andrea for thier hard worl until the wee hours, and Abby for her sewing.
Many, many thanks to you all!