TBC Bride and 9news Anchor Corey Rose Makes Wishes Come True

By TBC on June 19, 2018
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At The Bridal Collection, we are honored that we get to help so many amazing, inspiring women find their dream wedding dress. Brides like Corey Rose, Denver’s 9News Morning Anchor and founder of “Wishes and Heroes,” a benefit concert for Make-a-Wish and the Colorado Professional Firefighters Foundation.  

Event Background

The concert is a tribute to Corey’s late father, a retired firefighter with Los Angeles Fire Department, who passed away from acute lymphoblastic leukemia and multiple myeloma. Corey wanted to help those fighting similar blood cancers so she reached out to Make-A-Wish Colorado to help kids who are fighting leukemia.  Since then she has also partnered with the Colorado Professional Firefighters Foundation. The CPFF helps Colorado firefighters and their family members when a tragedy strikes. The funds raised at the concert are now divided between the two charities. Seven wishes have been granted so far and lives are being changed each year.

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We asked Corey a few questions about the concert and how to get involved:

Could you share a little bit about your dad, the inspiration for the fundraiser?  What was he like? What did he like about being a firefighter?

My Dad was incredible. I always say he lived two lives in one short one. He did everything. He was in the Airforce as a PJ; firefighter for 32 years, father of two, he sailed, he surfed, he ran the Ironman twice, he was a body builder, I could go on and on….

He passed away at 58 years old from leukemia that was deemed to have been caused by being a firefighter.

My Dad loved to help people and loved a thrill… firefighting was the perfect job for him. He loved it everyday.”

Why did you choose a concert as a fundraiser?

“My Dad LOVED music!! He always had it on in the house, in the car, while he was working on his motorcycle or sail boat.  Whenever I heard classic rock, I knew my Dad was jamming out in the room. I have a dear friend over at the Hard Rock and he mentioned a benefit concert to raise money and it was the perfect fit.”

concert venue performers at wishes and heroes concert wishes and heroes concert first responderscorey rose with wishes and heroes

How has the fundraiser helped those who it benefits?  

“We have been able to grant 7 kids wishes so far… that’s huge! These kids and families deserve a break from what they are going through – all the treatment and pain – to do something big and fun for a few days! On top of that we’ve also been able to help out several local firefighters’ and their families. Firefighters just like my dad who have been given a diagnosis that’s devastating and they don’t know where to go next -they can’t work, all the treatment is SO expensive.  We are able to give them grants right there on the spot to help. Helping firefighters and wish kids, to me, there’s nothing better and I am really proud of the work we have done in the last 8 years.”

How can people get involved?

“The best way is to buy a ticket and come on down on June 23rd. We have been so blessed to have so many big sponsors this year who really help us meet that goal but the biggest thing is getting the community involved and the way they can do that is just buying a $20 ticket and coming on June 23rd to the 16th Street Mall.”

Ticket link: https://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?eventId=8357345&dispatch=loadSelectionData

Online donation link: https://www.youcaring.com/

The Bridal Collection will be donating a portion of our sales in June to Wishes and Heroes.  To learn more about our giving, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3U8jPFvKJA&t=1s