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By TBC on November 18, 2016
pronovias vintage lace wedding dress

Real bride Alexis found her dream gown at The Bridal Collection. The moment she laid eyes on a vintage lace wedding dress by Pronovias, she fell in love.

Two souls, utterly different found each other – he, as her grandmother said, “safe, strong, secure,” and her, “wild, young, limitless”. It all started when Chris and Alexis ended up in the same dreadfully boring three hour class at Arizona State University. Due to a group project, Chris stood in front of the class, where Alexis first laid eyes on him and decided “I’m going to marry him.” She quickly denied herself the thought due to the unlikelihood and lack of fairytale belief. Luckily for Chris this tedious class was only once a week. However, for Alexis, this meant she only got to see her future guy once every 7 days.

Finally, after weeks of silly small talk and avoiding eye contact (and daily gushing and swooning to her roommates on Alexis’ part), Chris worked up the nerve to ask Alexis on a date. He asked if they could, “study for the final, or hangout sometime.” Like wildfire, an adoration and magnetism to each other blazed and has never burned out. As a result, two imperfect people grew to love each other, perfectly.

pronovias vintage lace wedding dress
mom helping daughter zip pronovias wedding dress
bridesmaids first look at pronovias vintage lace wedding dress
pronovias wedding dress and long veil
bride and bridesmaids walking pronovias wedding dress
bride and groom kissing pronovias wedding dressblack and white bride and groom pronovias wedding dress
pronovias vintage lace wedding dress first dance
pronovias vintage lace wedding dress sparklers
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