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By TBC on November 16, 2016
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The Bridal Collection Gives Back through Compassion’s Sewing Workshop

Giving back is important to us at The Bridal Collection. We believe in extending our reach around the world. We are currently running a program at our store, for every five dresses purchased we are purchasing a sewing machine through Compassion International’s sewing workshop.

Compassion runs a Sewing Workshop where they provide machines and other supplies to teach teens, primarily young ladies, the craft of tailoring clothes. Compassion provides the equipment and training for a sewing vocation. Teens are able to earn money, improve their chances for job opportunities, and gain hope for having a meaningful career. The sewing workshops are held in a Compassion Center providing a safe, clean environment. Invaluable skills are passed on to the younger generations. Teens learn more than just the art of sewing. They also learn important business skills.

Students showing strong leadership skills can become teachers at the Centers. One young lady Compassion has been working with is very excited to be able to share the skills she has learned. Her center receives orders from their community for sweaters. As the young ladies learn a vocation they are giving back by supporting their community.

“What we are doing is very important.”

Sewing is close to our hearts here at The Bridal Collection. We feel a connection to this cause because of our own work in sewing and we are excited to help these young ladies learn a useful trade. Through developing a trade skill their chances are heightened to make it out of poverty.

If you would like to be a part of this amazing cause you can Make an Appointment today to find your dream dress. Or visit Compassion’s Giving Catalog and make a donation directly to the organization.

Join us in training young ladies around the world in the useful vocation of sewing! the bridal collection gives back compassion international