Why You Should Determine The “Vibe” For Your Wedding Day Before Booking Anything

By TBC on May 2, 2019
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Guest blog by Donna Maurer: As an experienced content creator, Donna has written about weddings and marriage for numerous publications. She is a newlywed herself and a former writer for a wedding planner; she’s conquered the realm of wedding coordination and is now fully immersed in married life. Donna loves sharing the insight she’s learned from past weddings she’s worked on, along with anything she tackled in her own planning process.

Once you and your fiance have chosen the date for your wedding, deciding on the theme you want your special day to have is the logical next step. Everything from your venue to the food you serve and even your dress will have an impact on your wedding aesthetic. Perhaps you’ve been accumulating ideas for months in anticipation of the upcoming proposal. If so, you’re ready to dive right in and start interviewing your vendors! On the other hand, maybe you’re struggling to decide between a classic style or something more casual. If so, we’ve got some tips to help you choose the vibe for your big day (and why you need to!).

Why You Need To Decide On Your Wedding Aesthetic First

Your wedding day vibe, or wedding aesthetic, is simply the style of your wedding. It’s the overall feeling and look you want to generate on your big day. From the tiniest details, like your place cards, to the venue, attire, and colors, every planning decision you make will have an impact on the look and feel of your day. Having your reception in a traditional ballroom might not make sense if you’re going for a rustic themed wedding. Selecting a picturesque, wooden lodge away from a busy city would probably make more sense.

Choosing your vibe first makes the rest of your wedding decisions so much easier. In fact, vendors prefer that you have your theme established before you hire them. The live music and entertainment experts from AroundTownEnt.com tell all of their brides that “having a clear aesthetic is helpful to your vendors, too… as it gives them a clear guideline to work with so that they can help you bring your vision to life.” This advice rings true no matter where you’re having your nuptials.

Keys To Choosing Your Wedding Day Vibe

There are a million wedding styles to choose from… classic, rustic, beachy, vintage, glamorous, bohemian; the list goes on and on. You could even go with a theme like a 70’s theme, a winter wonderland, or simply a relaxed summer get-together. Or, maybe there’s something that has special meaning for you and your partner, like a certain movie, hobby, or a place you went on vacation.

The key to creating a memorable wedding aesthetic is careful planning and a cohesive feel. Take a look at a perfectly curated Pinterest board or Instagram profile and you’ll see that all the photos have the same color palette and overall theme, at least in a subtle way. That is a pleasant aesthetic! It takes some work and planning, but the final result is memorable and pleasing to the eye.

Think About The Time Of Year

You should also think about the time of year you’ve chosen for your big day. You don’t have to choose your aesthetic based on the season, but it can be a fun way to go. A winter wonderland theme would be beautiful in January. A rustic, or autumn theme, would be perfect in October. Or, you could use the season to help you determine your color choices, attire, or even the menu.

Considering Your Venue

If you already have your heart set on a specific venue, you’re going to need to take that into consideration as you decide on the vibe you’re going for. The two must complement each other and work well together. Consider the existing decor carefully. Do you want to have your wedding at the beach or in a fancy ballroom with giant chandeliers? That fancy ballroom is going to be much more suited to a formal wedding vibe than it is to a trendy tropical themed reception. You may need to adjust your vision to make it fit your chosen venue.

Stay True To Yourself

If you’re a super casual, laid back kind of gal in your everyday life, you probably don’t want to go for a formal theme. Stay true to yourself and your personal style so that you don’t look back years from now and say, “What was I thinking?” If you and your significant other are into following the latest, up to the minute trends, then, of course, you’ll want to incorporate some of the newest wedding trends. But if you’re a more traditional, reserved couple, stick to what you love! You’ll be more comfortable on your big day and you’ll look back years from now and still love your photos.

Stick To What You Love

Take a look around your home and wardrobe. What colors do you gravitate toward? Do you like bright colors, pastels, or neutrals? Do you prefer clean lines or bold patterns? Is your style more rustic or modern? Did you see something at a friend’s wedding that you loved? Sometimes considering the things that you love can help you come up with a specific vibe or aesthetic.

What Do You “Have To Have” At Your Wedding?

Is there something that you just have to have at your wedding? It could be Mason jars or a favorite flower. If there’s something you’ve always envisioned having at your wedding, that could be a great jumping off point for choosing your wedding aesthetic.

Still Not Sure Where To Start?

If you’re still not sure where to start, consider turning to the internet for some inspiration. Pinterest is loaded with creative ideas. Just punch in a theme like “vintage weddings” or “winter weddings” and you’ll have an abundance of ideas. Of course, bridal magazines, blogs, and websites are a great place to get ideas too. If you’re still settling into a theme, the details you gravitate toward can be your guide. Visit us here at The Bridal Collection and we’ll help you find the dress that fits the wedding aesthetic of your dreams – even if you aren’t 100% sure what that is yet!