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By TBC on May 6, 2019
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Modern Elegant Style

Diana and Andrew said “I do” in an elegant wedding at The Pinnacle Club. When they got engaged, they knew they wanted to get married in Denver; it’s where Diana grew up and where the two met! After they got engaged, the venue search was on. Their goal was to find a downtown Denver venue that offered city and mountain views. The Pinnacle Club at Grand Hyatt Denver was the perfect choice! The panoramic view was so breathtaking that Diana wanted it to be the focal point for her wedding.

In order to emphasize the majestic view, they kept the rest of the design and decor clean and simple. Diana and her mother gave a lot of thought and attention to the color palette. By using whites, sand, and touches of champagne and pink, the space felt incredibly elegant and romantic. Newberry Brothers created stunning floral arrangements, bringing the event space to life. All of the design and decor came together to create a stunningly elegant Denver wedding!

Saying “Yes” to the Dress

Nothing makes us happier than hearing a bride say dress shopping was her favorite part of wedding planning. Like many brides, Diana started the process with a certain style in mind: a mermaid silhouette with a dramatic skirt. After trying on a number of dresses that matched this description, Diana felt underwhelmed with each one. As she left appointment after appointment without a dress, she began to lose hope.

When she arrived at The Bridal Collection, Diana was immediately drawn to the corner of the showroom filled with Lazaro gowns. The unique colors, rich fabrics, and incredible beading caught her eye. She grabbed a few that she just HAD to try on!

The moment she saw herself in style 3708, it was like an epiphany. This full, tiered ball gown was the drama she had been looking for. The sheer beaded bodice and open back added to that drama! But what truly sold her was the gorgeous champagne color. After seeing this dress, every white dress she ever tried on quite literally paled in comparison!

“I have never felt more beautiful than I did in that dress. Leah at TBC designed a full length veil that matched it perfectly with horsehair tulle and Swarovski crystals. The entire staff at TBC was phenomenal, from the alterations team to the sales associates. After the dress was selected, my mother and I must have made at least 10 additional trips to TBC to match up shoe and MOB dress colors to my unique dress color. TBC was always happy to see us and offer any assistance or opinions, even when they were busy.”

Down the Aisle

Many brides vividly remember the moment they walked down the aisle toward their soon-to-be spouse. We’ve heard it described as magical and emotional. Some brides tear up, while others can’t stop smiling.

Diana’s experience was truly one-of-a-kind. When the doors to the ceremony opened and she entered the room, she started to tear up. Suddenly, she felt a little bit lightheaded. Since she was walking down the aisle by herself, she paused for a moment to avoid the possibility of fainting. After collecting herself, she began walking down the aisle. However, this time, she could no longer hear the music; the sound of her gown meeting the aisle runner was so loud (at least to her)! It sounded like old-fashioned breakaway workout pants — you know, that distinct “swish, swish” sound! She burst out laughing and ended up walking way faster than planned. She still laughs about the situation — it ended up saving her from crying and possibly even fainting!

Advice for Future Brides

“My advice to future brides is that if you are fortunate to have someone who does the majority of the planning with you, like your mom, aunt, sister, best friend, mother in law, or even fiancé, etc, enjoy all that time together. Our wedding itself was incredible, but what I miss the most now that it’s over is the special time spent with my mom. I loved every moment together, every silly email thread about shoes, every ridiculous conversation obsessing about details. I wouldn’t change a single thing about the wedding itself, but would love to relive some of those moments leading up to it with my mom.”