Wedding Planning in Your PJ’s

By TBC on March 28, 2020
wedding accessories flat lay

Living in a time of instant information and inspiration at our fingertips makes so many wedding planning details easy to accomplish, no matter where you are or what you’re wearing.  So if you’re working from home now or waiting for your “Shelter in Place” order to end, grab your laptop, tablet, or phone, slip into some pj’s, get comfy, and start wedding planning.

wedding jewelry and bridal shoesWho doesn’t love to shop?  We’d much rather be helping you with some of these items, but if you’re nearing your wedding date and want to mark these items off, turn to online shopping.  Which accessories do you still need for the ceremony or reception?  Place cards, candles, favors, guest book (or a creative alternative), table decor?  Do you have your Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue?  Contact family and friends for items you’d like to borrow and then start shopping for the rest.  Add “day of” jewelry, shoes, undergarments, and garters to your list.  Gifts for your wedding party are also easy to find online.

writing wedding vows and reception toastsResources like WeddingWire, The Knot, and Pinterest are great for understanding who gives speeches and when.  According to, there are usually four speeches or toasts: a Welcome toast, commonly given by parents; The Blessing before dinner is served; The Best Man & Maid of Honor during dinner; and The Newlyweds Toast.  That’s you!  Go ahead and write your toast now (you can always refine it later).  What about your vows?  Are you reciting traditional vows or writing your own?  This is a great time to start on these while, hopefully, you feel less preoccupied with other demands.  Again, vows can always be tweaked as you get closer to your wedding day.

organizing your reception seating chartIf your invitations have been returned, it’s time to plan the seating chart.  Helpful resources include Martha Stewart Weddings, HuffPost, and All Seated.  If you’re more hands on, use the old school method of paper plates or rectangular pieces of cardboard (we bet you’ve got some Amazon boxes laying around) and a pencil (so you can erase!) or sticky notes.  Start with where you and your spouse will be sitting, then label each plate with a table number and arrange your guests based on family and friend groups.  A good tip from Martha Stewart is to remember that you can always assign just a table instead of a specific chair.  Other things to organize include your song list, honeymoon details (remember to create a packing list), and a Wedding Day emergency kit.

We’re here for you now during these days when we can’t meet in person.  While our store is closed, we remain available to answer phone calls and to respond to e-mails.  We truly care for all our brides, your squad, and families.  We wish you and your loved ones health and safety and look forward to celebrating you soon!