9 Wedding Trends for Fall 2019

By TBC on September 10, 2019
wedding trends for fall of 2019

The wedding industry is an ever-evolving exploration of fun, unique ways to celebrate love. If you’re planning a wedding for 2019 or early 2020, you should explore some of the top wedding trends for fall as you determine the vibe you want your special day to have. Discover what brides and grooms are doing with flowers, party favors, and so much more with these wedding trends for fall!


  1. Solitaire Rings


wedding rings inside succulent plant

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Solitaires are still the number one bestseller. Many people like to add something special to them by choosing a specific gemstone or finding an antique or vintage diamond ring they love. There are different meanings behind certain stone arrangements and types. This information may make your decisions easier in the quest for the perfect ring for your loved one. 


For many, the solitaire ring represent the history of traditional engagements that dates all the way back to the Roman Empire. Back then, the single diamond was placed uncut into the wedding band. However, as cutting techniques improved, couples were able to customize the shape of the diamond, the type of setting, and the color of the stone to create a completely custom engagement ring.


  1. Photo Booths

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Everyone loves eating and dancing at weddings, but guests are wanting a special way to remember all of this fun. This is why brides and grooms are always featuring trendy photo booths at their receptions. Couples are even getting super creative with backdrops, themes, and props. In addition to photo booths, guests also enjoy selfies in front of a wall filled with balloons, plants, lights, or even donuts! 


Whether you choose a flipbook or gif photo booth, or a totally customized wall for your wedding extras, you have the opportunity to express your personality and style during the reception. With the right props and backdrop, your guests now get to keep something totally memorable from your fairytale night for years to come.


  1. Earthy Tones

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Many wedding fashions depend on the season, but there are some new ideas that are cropping up across the board for 2019. This year, you can expect to see tons of earthy tones that compliment both dark and light skin tones. From maroon and cabernet to turmeric and peach, even men are jumping in on these earthy colors with original tie and waistcoat combinations.


There are also lots of dress cuts that are rising to the top in 2019. These include off the shoulder pieces, flowing, ruffled fabrics, and striped prints. Often, these styles mirror the needs of your guests during whichever wedding season you choose. Getting married in the fall? Prepare to see long sleeve styles and heavier fabrics. Opting for a spring wedding? Pastels, flowers, and prints will reign supreme!


  1. Destination Weddings

destination wedding on the beach

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With the world becoming more connected than ever, destination weddings are all the rage. Especially those on tropical beaches, like the Dominican Republic or Costa Rica, and the mountains, like Colorado! Whether you’re inviting guests to the other side of the world or just a few hundred miles away, many hotels and resorts now offer full wedding packages to help hopeful couples make their wedding dreams come true.


Some couples choose destination weddings because a particular place holds a lot of meaning to their relationship. Others want a destination wedding to ensure their ceremony is beyond special. Since the internet makes reserving your destination, coordinating with vendors, and contacting all your friends and family that much easier, destination weddings are much easier to plan than they used to be.


  1. Charitable Gifts

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While gift trends are more important for friends and family to know about, this particular trend is one many brides and grooms are happy to introduce to their guests. Donation wedding gifts to the couple’s charity of choice helps brides and grooms feel like they’re making a difference in the world. Some weddings create two wedding registries: one with the household items they need and one for people who want to donate to the charity they’ve chosen.


Many couples have a particular cause they want to support, and having their friends and family help means the world to them. Since most guests spend about $100 on a gift, you can make a huge difference as a couple when you opt for a charity registry. Some couples also choose to incorporate donations into their wedding favors. Instead of what they would spend on a favor that will lie forgotten at a friend’s house a few months after the wedding, couples give guests a small note that a donation has been made in their name to a specific charity organization.


  1. Non-Traditional Florals

flowers and succulents

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Roses, tulips, and lilies are no longer the kings of the wedding decor world! They’re being outshined by off the beaten path choices like succulents, wildflowers, and even non-flower bouquets including paper, seashells, and lanterns. These choices can also be much more environmentally sustainable than traditional flowers. Couples who choose to create bouquets and decor from found or recycled items are really making an important difference to the world! They’re sending a message to their guests that they care about the environment.


Today’s couples are limited only by their imagination, and they’re taking a chance by exploring the plethora of different options available. Head to the seashore to pick out some beautiful seashells or use pampas grass to accentuate your decor and cut down on wedding costs.


  1. Useful Party Favors

handmade soap

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In the past, wedding favors often included keychains, tags, and candles that were emblazoned with the happy couple’s names. In 2019, brides and grooms are looking to give something a little more useful. Some couples opt for favors that are as simple as miniature champagne bottles or handmade soaps. Others stick with a theme like hot cocoa sets or homemade trail mix. This is another opportunity to take an environmentally friendly or socially conscious stance. Toss out your order for hundreds of plastic items that will eventually find their way into the ocean, and choose to give your guests something a little more meaningful.


  1. A Variety of Desserts 

individual wedding desserts wedding dessert tower

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Some brides have envisioned a massive cake for themselves that’s at least three tiers tall and decorated to the max. Instead of limiting your options, add a little variety to the mix. Give your guests more dessert choices when you order just a modest cake topper and spend the rest of your dessert budget on something more unique. Lots of modern couples want to use the evening’s dessert to celebrate their heritage, and introduce their guests to incredibly original displays like: 


  • Churro Carts
  • Baklava Displays
  • Cannoli Tables
  • Flan Slices
  • Mini Souffles
  • Gelato or Kulfi Stands
  • Mango and Sticky Rice Plates


Some couples even take these wedding trends for fall as a chance to step outside the traditional cake concept completely. They do this by creating cakes out of alternative materials. A three tiered cake made entirely of cheese or a massive macaron tower that has enough pieces for everyone definitely says something about your personality and preferences.


  1. Unique Exits

bride and groom exiting wedding

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Now that your wedding is almost over, it’s time to make an exit as dramatic as your entrance! Rice, flowers, and doves generally necessitate a lot of cleanup. Because of this, couples everywhere are choosing lower maintenance options that are easier on their venues and on the environment. Some of the most popular options include colorful smoke bombs, bubbles, flags, seasonal herbs, glow sticks, and so much more. Give your guests something they can hold on to, and walk down a row of well wishers who will all feature in stunning exit photos. These options make cleanup super easy, as your guests can hold on to these items as keepsakes of your wedding.


Your Wedding, Your Way


There are tons of other trends to explore that weren’t covered in this post. If you’re curious about dress trends and more, you can find it all at The Bridal Collection! Just remember, your wedding should be about what makes you happy. Plan one that fulfills all your dreams!


Author Bio: Tess DiNapoli is an artist, freelance writer, and content strategist. She has a passion for yoga and often writes about health and wellness, but also enjoys covering the fashion industry and lifestyle pieces.