Back to the Jazz Age: Great Gatsby-Inspired Wedding Ideas

By TBC on January 29, 2019
gatsby wedding inspiration

Guest Post: Sophia Smith is a freelance graphic designer by day and style and beauty blogger by night. She has always been creatively inclined and design plays a huge role in her personal expression. She has written pieces for : Carousel, Viva Glam Magazine, Whytt Magazine, She is Fierce HQ, Fashion Finest and How to Simplify. And now she shares her tips for a Great Gatsby-themed wedding with us.

How do you combine vintage romance with pure, unadulterated glamour? Turn to 1920s and enjoy the shine and sparkle of The Great Gatsby era! It’s an aesthetic that leaves us all giddy with pleasure at seeing such luxurious splendor, and brides who want to wow their guests and look gorgeous on their wedding day should definitely consider incorporating it into the ceremony.

Curious about how you can do that? Then take a look at our tips!

House as a wedding venue

gatsby wedding inspiration venue and flowers

The most memorable parts of The Great Gatsby are the opulence and the parties Jay threw in his big mansion, this is the kind of venue you should pick to recreate that atmosphere. Look for big houses or villas, decorate them with a few flower arrangements, and make sure to bring in some shimmery lights to make the decorations pop.

Dreamy wedding dress

gatsby inspired wedding dresses

If you want that 1920s vibe, you’ve got to get the dress right. Luckily, finding beautiful wedding dresses shouldn’t be a problem because this era is all about simple elegance. You’ll want something long, sleek, and maybe a little shimmery, and you can benefit from incorporating pearls or diamonds into the look. Avoid puffy details and fussy cuts, and stick to soft materials that swish as you walk.

But, you know what’s really fun? Looking and feeling your best. And since this is, after all, your wedding, you’ll have to dance a lot, so consider getting a shorter dress that ends just below the knee and is lined with some sassy fringe as well as Badgley Mischka bridal shoes with block heels, for example. Your feet will thank you tomorrow.

Fountain pens and vintage stamps

gatsby wedding inspiration

Handwritten invitations are a very thoughtful detail, and you can decorate them with vintage stamps to make them really stand out. Use a fountain pen and find good stationary paper so the invites will look custom, yet professional.

An abundance of cocktails and champagne

gatsby wedding cocktails

You’ve probably already planned for champagne, but cocktails are also something you should bring to the party. Use the prohibition era recipes like Bee’s Knees and Hanky Panky, and let your guests enjoy the buzz.

Elegant suit

gatsby groom inspiration

The groom should consider picking a classic white dinner jacket if he really wants to stick with the theme, or might consider a dapper Victorian-era look with a shawl lapel. Otherwise, the groom can incorporate the theme using shoes and cufflinks from the 1920s.  

Charleston dancing

wedding dancing

What would a 1920s wedding be without appropriate dance music? This is the Jazz Age, and fast-paced jazzy tunes will put everyone at the party in a good mood, but if you really want to wow them and have a ton of fun, practice dancing to Charleston. It’s quick and it’s very entertaining, and you can think of the whole choreography just for the big day. Foxtrot is also a great option, and if you want, you could even hire a dance instructor to come and teach the guests how to pick up some basic moves. Have them do the shimmy and move around, and they’re bound to remember the whole night fondly.


gatsby bridal inspiration

How often do we really get to put shiny baubles in our hair and have fun? Well, now you’ll get your chance. A bejeweled headband is just what you need to tie the whole look together, and you can make it simple and tie a band with some shimmer on it as a circlet, or go more glamorous and incorporate a whole beaded cap headpiece with your veil. Feathers are also encouraged, so feel free to embrace your inner peacock if you want to bring the drama.

Another iconic part of twenties, long, layered necklaces are another great accessory option. Layer a few strings of pearls around your neck and enjoy the way they move when you dance.

Smoky eyes and red lips

gatsby bridal inspiration

A statement red lip is a good idea for any bride who wants to leave a good impression, but the real trick here are the eyes. You don’t want to go in heavy-handed and pack on black eyeshadow until you look like a raccoon. The Jazz Era was more about carefully smudged kohl pencil and a light layer that gives you the appearance of a sultry temptress. Draw on a beauty mark to make it even more authentic, and maybe add a subtle hint of blush to tie it all together.

The last step is to rent out a vintage car and you’re good to go! Get inside it after the party, and drive away into your new life of marital bliss.

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